Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S5If it’s android it has to be Samsung, goes the popular perception among the consumers of the world. Let’s look at the upcoming Galaxy S5 on how it fares along the old horse HTC One.

Difference of look

HTC One, one of the aging products, looks entirely different from Samsung S5. HTC One has hard metal body which promises a better hardware. It has got aluminum built with a pair of front speakers. While Samsung S5 is marginally broader than the HTC One and it has nicely curved square corners.


HTC one has full HD 1080 resolution with great LCD 5 inches screen that gives you better results. On the other hand, Samsung S5 has optimal screen with great color reflection and sheen.


HTC one is built with 800- quad core chip, the impending snapdragon 805 chip is also on the cards to be used in other models of HTC one. Samsung S5 has a RAM of 2GB with 2.5 GHZ processor. The new processor of Samsung S5 is slightly better than the S4 and even the HTC One which in its earlier model used snapdragon 600.

Home Button

The main navigation buttons are differently placed in HTC One and S5. Beneath the display, the two soft press navigation keys are set in HTC; there is also a back key that helps you navigate to the home option, while the Samsung S5 has only a single home button. It is placed near the bezel of the display.


If you are looking for a flagship, top notch smart phone, then it is HTC one which is only available on T-mobile, AT &T, Sprint and Version, on the other hand Samsung S5 is available on Metro PCS, Virgin and Boost mobile.

Other features

Samsung S5 has taken a big leap even from the Apple products by introducing several features that are available right on the finger tip of the user. Finger print scanner is one such feature which also helps you access your PayPal account from your Samsung S5 model, near the rear of the Samsung S5 model, you also get the heart rate mentor scanner with 3.0 applications along with S-Health. These features are largely to be untrue for HTC one.

Hope following the above comparison will help you choose your ultimate smart phone along with the features that you are looking for.

Benefits of Bluetooth car kits

Bluetooth car kitsBluetooth kits are special devices which use the Bluetooth technology with the A2DP phone which you have and provide a hands free facility to speak when you are driving your car. Earlier they came with wires but with the advancement in technology they are now accessible wirelessly and they have several advantages when it comes to driving. Given below are some of the benefits:

• Usability- unlike a few years ago when wireless Bluetooth kits were a luxury nowadays it has become a necessity. With the fast traffic and road accidents which have taken a toll in the minds of general people this is just the type of device that would make sure you are safe and keep others safe. Since it is hands free you would not have to pick the phone up physically. The device would do it for you and you can concentrate on driving properly.

• Cost effective- there was time when Bluetooth kits was not affordable by most people as the price was sky high and many did not even know about this concept. But now there are several companies who offer exciting Bluetooth kits at prices which are reasonable enough for you and you can buy and install it in your car easily.

• Legal- in many countries speaking over the phone while driving is strictly forbidden and they have made Bluetooth kits compulsory for those cars. If you do not want to pay a hefty fine then it is better you get a Bluetooth kit installed.

• User experience- there are many features which make Bluetooth kits so popular nowadays. They have amazing sound quality and crystal clear picture. Apart from this the Bluetooth adapters would also help you to play music, watch movies and videos with just one touch.

• Convenient- getting a Bluetooth kit is convenient for most of the drivers because it serves multiple purposes at the same time. Not only can you make and receive calls through this thing but also enjoy music even if you do not have a music system in your car. Most importantly if the phone goes out of charge while driving and you do not have a charger for it the Bluetooth kit would help to charge the phone. It also allows you to text messages from the phone without having to pick up the phone. You just have to speak what you want to type and the text will be typed automatically.

Bluetooth kits are not only for the safety while driving but they have lots of other benefits too.

How To Select Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi RouterWhen the internet was first invented no one thought that there would be a day when it could be connected wireless. But with advancements in this field it is now possible so with the help of wireless routers or Wi-Fi routers. A Wi-Fi router gives you lots of benefits and one of the most important benefits is it allows you to do internet without having to connect it with a cable. There are several types of Wi-Fi router which is available in the market. They are separated according to their standards namely “b”, “g” and “n”. “B” routers are the oldest Wi-Fi routers available and the range is not quite good. “G” routers have a moderate range but if you want to choose the best Wi-Fi router then it has to be an “N” router. It is also possible to upgrade the “B” routers nowadays. While selecting a Wi-Fi router there are several things that you should keep in mind. Following are some of the points given in brief:

• Wi-Fi routers have two types of bands: single band and dual band. Single band routers are known to use 2.4 GHz and they are based on the 802.11b or 802.11g standards. In the dual band routers 5 GHz is used and they are basically based in the 802.11n standard which is the latest and most modified router. Ideally if you want to spend a bit more then you should choose the 802.11n routers or the dual band routers.
• Second thing is the speed of the Wi-Fi router. The speed depends on the standard of the router. A “b” or a “g” router with 802.11b standard gives as much as 11 MBPS and 54 MBPS respectively. However if you want the fastest Wi-Fi connection then it would be better to choose the “n” that has got 802.11n standard. They have the ability to provide up to 300 MBPS of speed depending on the internet service provider and the location of your house from the exchange.
• Last point is the facility for WAN port in the Wi-Fi router. Although almost all the wireless will have a WAN port that would help in getting a reliable internet and also provides a second link for the internet. Those who have small businesses often use Wi-Fi routers with dual WAN ports. The price of these routers is a bit more than the normal routers with just one WAN port.

Purchasing Used Laptops

Purchasing Used LaptopsLaptops are one of a kind. If you have it you have it. If you don’t then you long to have it. However the price of a laptop and your budget may not always meet. That is why there is this whole new concept of purchasing used laptops. People who have the habit of buying new gadgets tend to sell the used ones and that’s when you can buy it. In fact with the emergence of so many websites for purchasing and selling used electronic gadgets that your work would be much easier than what you really thought. However there are a few things that you should check before latching on to the idea of buying a used laptop. Following are some of those points discussed in brief:

• The first and most important thing that you should check is the condition of the laptop that you are buying. After all you are buying a used one and that would always play in the back of your mind. So checking it thoroughly would be a very good idea. Any kind of damage or dispute is a strict no no because once you buy it the seller may not contact you back.
• Secondly you should also check the features that the laptop has. When you have thought of buying one you must have had some idea about the features that you require. So when you are buying do take the opportunity to check the features that are there in the laptop.
• Lastly you should always go for the seller who has a warranty for the laptop and also the bill from the place he bought it. You should also see whether the model you are buying has become obsolete in the market or not otherwise if you have any problem in future then it would be a hard time repairing it.

Digital Forensics

Digital ForensicsInspite of the fact that this form of forensics had its foundation in the early later 70’s and early 80’s, its evolution lies round the 90’s period; still its national policies emerged in the 21st century only. Digital forensics mostly has to do the recovery and investigation of the substances or articles located in digital apparatus. On a near scale these digital forensics are mostly related to the computer frauds and crimes which happen nowadays at an increasing scale because of the increase in usage of digital based technologies.

Mostly this new and evolving form of forensics is devised to catch the cyber criminals. It is important that there is some special kind of intelligence which is suited enough to handle these kinds of crimes too. This forensics involves obtaining the data from the hard disk of computers or by the computer code. This is difficult to obtain but for the people who are involved in the work of such things it is a very easy thing. Digital forensics involves not only computer analysis of crimes but others too, namely:

Mobile Device Forensics:
since nowadays most Smartphones have inbuilt GPS, mobile data forensics main work involves the tracking of cellular phones. Call logs, SMS’es and internet usage.
Network forensics: mostly internet tracking using Local Area Networks is the main work of these managers.

Forensic data analysis: mostly used in cases where fraud has happened in monetary terms. How and from where the fraud has happened is the main aim of digital forensics in this case.
Computer forensics: as talked about earlier, used mainly for the recovery of damaged and deleted files to use as evidence against a suspect in cases of crimes.

If you want to become a forensics investigator then having a base in computer sciences is much needed. Also your inquisitive character and sharp traits helps a lot too.

Back up your mobile data for a smiling crisis

mobile data backupIt is very common that people depend on their phones for the storage of all the important contacts. But it is advisable that you don not depend on just one device for such important tasks. It can be very unsafe if your phone is lost or pick pocketed. In order to protect yourself from facing such inconveniences you must keep a back up of all the data. Some of the phones today are available along with the software that that allow the back up for these data. The best example being that if you are using a Sony Ericsson phone, then the best PC software that you can use is Float’s Mobile Agent. But the only disadvantage that this method has is that you will have to connect your phone to the PC regularly so that you have the updated account of all your data.

The best and the most easiest method of having a back up for all your data is to copy them into a DVD, USB memory stick or a hard disc. But it night pose another problem if the laptops are stolen away fro the office or house. You can also make the fullest use of online backup services. This will ensure that all your important data are safe even if your phone is lost or stolen. Even after the expiry of your membership date, there are services that keep your data safe. This requires you to follow just a few simple steps. First of all you will have to register with a username which is generally connected wit your phone number. After this you can set your password. You can access it and can store all your important information and you must keep a synchronization of all the data periodically.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note- the Note 3 was launched in Malaysia. Some of the amazing and new features of Note 3 are:

a) New S Pen: It has become very easy to access short cuts in just one click. These include Action memo, which lets you hand write a note. This can be saved in a formatted manner. You can make calls, add phone numbers to your contact list. You can also search web and look for address map. The other option is that of scrapbook, which allows you to organize or get the information from the web. You can save the source as well as the image and the video for future reference. With the help of screen write, you can capture a full screen image and scribble on it. The all new S finder cab detects hand written notes and it is very fast in looking for the contents in the computer. Besides drawing and writing notes the pen window can open small applications to multi task.
b) Bigger Screen: The screen is as big as 5.7 inches. The size has remained unchanged while the screen has increased in size.
c) No plastic: The Note 3 has no plastic casing. It is introduced with a leather effect back made of leather and stitching. This feature makes the phone less slippery and reduces the possibility of falling.
d) Better camera: Note 3 has 12 MP camera compared to Note 3’s 8 MP camera.
e) Better hardware and quality: This new model comes with Snapdragon 800 chipset and has 2.3GHz quad-core processor. It has 3GB RAM.
f) Enhanced security: It has advanced security that makes the use of Samsung KNOX that protects your phone better from the malwares. Personal and company screen have different kinds of apps, so you have an option to choose from.

Best Video Players for Android

Video Players for AndroidAndroid Tablets have become one of the most preferred and famous entertainment objects over the last few years. The large sized screen of this gadget is one of the major reasons why people use it most of the times to watch movies and the different kinds of videos. The main advantage being that it is portable. Android phones also offer a series of video players that enhance the quality of watching the overall movie. The manufacturers of Android tablet provide a pre-installed stock of video players but still the users are free to download the best video players that are available in the Play store. Some of the unique features in video players in Android have become so famous that they are invariably used by the tablet users.

a) MX Player: This is the most popular and the most adaptable player available in the market. Undoubtedly it enhances the picture quality of the movie and in addition to this it also provides extra features like the child lock. This additional feature makes it easier to restrict the access to the tablet and prevent it from being mishandled by children. It also allows you to switch between the decoders that can either be hardware or software.

b) VLC Media Player: It is the most commonly used by the people to play all kinds of files. It has made its recent debut with the Android and is in the beta development period. But the complete version of this is yet to be launched. Despite all the risks involved in using the beta type, most people use it as their default player. This is so because it has certain features that people enjoy on their desktop.

c) Google Play Movies: This video player is manufactured by Google only to play movies straight from the Google’s play movie section. People can either buy or rent the digital copy of the movie. It also has list of endless movies.

How to Save Money While Buying a New Computer

New ComputerWhile buying a computer it is not necessary to buy any additional components and software. They can sometimes be completely unnecessary and can be overlooked. Some information while purchasing computer should be known to you so as to keep you within budget. Some essential tips are as follows.

First of all have a look at the computer case. Containers are often overlooked and can be used for another time.

Keyboards and mouse need not to be replaced while purchasing a new computer. An optical mouse is more preferable than ball style mouse. Same logic is applicable for keyboards. The keyboard should not be replaced until and unless it stops working properly. If you want a larger size screen then it is required to replace the monitor or else be you can do with the normal size.

If the operating system is already installed in your new computer then don’t pay for another licensing as it is included in your price. If you want to install another operating system or office versions then only pay for it or else don’t.

It is not always wise to buy branded computers. Think about shopping for minor brand names. Unknown brands like Acer are cheaper yet the interior parts are the same .Choose shopping from computer retail store.

The life span of computer should be three to five years. Warranty should be given on the sounds and the advancements in software. Warranty is not given on hardware parts. You should always judge the duration and type of warranty that comes with the computer at the time of buying it.

If you know some techniques of upgrading or installing any new components, then you can avoid the labor cost.

If you want to buy a new computer then have a look at your budget as the price range should not exceed it.

Benefits of Using Cable Broadband

Cable BroadbandBroadband is the high speed internet connection and it is very widely used medium to surf the net. Dial-up has become an old thing and not much in use now days. Broadband technology helps to improve the internet experience. You must be well informed about the options that are available with your service to get the hi-speed facility and access the net at your home. Excellent usage of your Television cable connection has led to the creation of cable broad band. It makes use of the unused bandwidth with your TV cable and hence networking cost is eliminated and this allows the providers to offer internet at a very nominal rate.

Most broadband providers provide you with unlimited access. With the help of the same cable connection with which you watch television, you can also access the net. Cable modems which are of very high speed allow customers to use internet without using phone lines. You can stay connected always and your incoming call is also free during the entire time.

Cable is the mostly used kind of broadband connection. This is so because it is very cheap, reliable and fast. It is less costly to connect a cable to your computer instead of relying on satellite networks or wireless equipment. But the speed of your connection can fall if the cable is not properly bandwidth in your area. This can happen due to the inefficiency of your service provider. Apart form this problem it is quite reliable. Files such as videos and pictures can be very easily downloaded in very less time. They can also be used fro online gamming. It is very food for using cheap phone services with the help of VoIP program. Internet speed can be as fast as 15 Mbps or more as you choose your cable operator.