Archive: November 2009

What are digital photo albums

nullThe olden days of getting printed photos is a time gone by. Digital photo albums are electronic photo frames on which you can transfer your images from your camera or PC. Digital photo albums are neat as they can hold a good number of digital images in a single frame. You can keep one on your work desk and instead of turning one page after the other; you will only need to gaze upon the whole timed interval slide show. Some digital photo albums also come with cases so that the screen does not damaged, dented or scratched.

It is a fact that printed photographs are very difficult to be preserved and very easy to be damaged. Some of the digital photo albums can store as much as 9000 photos and you can replace them without inflicting any harm to the images themselves. You can just re-upload from the computer hard drive, flash drive or the album itself and have a plethora of photos, cherishing your memories.