Archive: January 2010

What to look for in an HDTV

nullIf you are in the market to buy your new HDTV, then first of all, you should look at its native resolution. This is the number of vertical pixels X horizontal pixels that the HDTV displays. The higher the resolution, the better it is. Also look at the contrast ratio which is the difference between brightest pixel and darkest pixel. The higher the contrast ratio, the better it is.

While purchasing an HDTV, you should also give due concentration to the TV’s standard definition. This means that even if it is able to display non-high definition media such as VHS, DVD, cable TV or satellite signals, it should do that with high quality. You may have a good collection of DVDs and you may still be watching cable TV. In that case, your new HDTV should be able to display it with high picture quality. With these features, you will be proud of your HDTV even after several years.