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Technical Support for Computer Peripherals


Today, it is almost impossible to imagine life without computers. Many people use this machines for online as well as offline operations. New computer updates are being introduced in the market everyday. To be able to run your computer operations as efficiently as possible, you should get the computer peripherals and other accessories which may include printers, digital cameras and Wi-Fi. You will find that most of these peripherals come with technical support for installing, using, maintaining and upgrading.

The technical support forum that you are part of will enable you to have an idea of what you can do to maximize the output of the computer peripheral that you have installed within your system. The technical support will also help you fix any problem that you might encounter while operating your computer equipment. Online technical support services are very helpful especially when they come with speed, diligence and accuracy.

Reset Your Windows Vista Password


If you have lost or forgotten your windows vista password, you should not panic. It is very possible to reset the password that you normally use on Windows Vista. The following easy steps will enable you to reset your pass word and resume working on your computer in no time at all.

On the start menu, click on Programs and go to Control panel. On the Control Panel, double click on the Computer Management tab under administrative tools. Go to the Users folder in Systems tools under Local Users and Groups. On the right hand side of the pane, you will see a list of users. Choose the user you are looking for and then click on the set pass word tab.

Type in your new pass word and verify it. After you have verified your new password, close the Administrative Tools window. You can now operate your computer using your new password.

How to Download YouTube Videos


When you want to download video from the internet, you will most likely use Youtube. Youtube has over the years become the most popular other video sharing website. You can upload and download any videos that you want and share them with anyone from anywhere in the world. The website has thousands of videos in its database, and if you want to download a particular one, you have to search for it. Finding and downloading your preferred video on Youtube is quite easy.

There are many websites which offer downloading features for Youtube videos. If you want to download a certain music video, a movie clip or any other type of video, you just need to search for the file on Google and you will find the perfect website where you can download it from. After you have finished downloading the video you want, you will be required to save it in a format that is compatible with your storage media.

Ubuntu Vs Kubuntu


Kubuntu is an offshoot of Ubuntu Operating System and it also one of the latest Linux operating systems’ desktop environment. Ubuntu is one of the operating systems that are favored by many Linux users. Ubuntu and Kubuntu are essentially similar, but there are some features found in Kubuntu which are absent in Ubuntu.
Kubuntu comes with security updates which run for eighteen months at no cost at all. Ubuntu does not offer these free security updates. Kubuntu also comes with twice a year release cycle. There is nothing like a biannual release cycle on Ubuntu.
When KDE releases come on Ubuntu, they do not work as efficiently as they should. You will find that the KDE has problems with auto updates and some other functions as well. However, when you get KDE that is preinstalled in Kubuntu, you sill find that it is very stable and will work quite efficiently.

5th Generation iPod Nano

When it comes to the most impressive music players, the 5th Generation iPod Nano tops the list. With its simple but elegant design, the new iPod nano 5G is a sight to behold. It comes with a number of features that you are not likely to find in any other MP3 players.
Some of the features that make the 5th Generation iPod Nano such an invaluable piece of electronic include a user friendly video camera with which you can upload a Youtube video without a problem. The iPod nano also comes with an audio recorder and an FM radio. This radio is very unique because it allows you to pause and buffer it.
The iPod nano music player comes in a wide variety of colors which include black, blue, green and others. It has a larger screen for clear viewing. The device comes in an 8GB and a 16GB model and it can be customized.

3 Things Wise Buyers Ask Before Purchasing a Digital Dictaphone


Dictaphones are used for recording and capturing meetings, telephone conversations, conferences, sound memos and interviews and are specifically designed for documentation. There are several options available in the market and it is very important to choose the right Dictaphone that will meet your needs. One of the things to put into consideration it is a Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) or Micro Cassette. The DVR and Micro cassette or tape re the two types of devices used to record sound with the latest version using the Digital Speech Standard which allows the recorded data to be channeled into your PC by the use of the voice recognition software.

Another thing that wise buyers ask when shopping for Digital Dictaphone is whether it is of High Quality. This is indicated by the Long Quality or the Short Play. This device is available in three levels of quality sound recording and each recording has different time. Another thing to look at is the sensitivity, which is either low or high.

Protect Your Child Online From Predators


Children are exposed to all sorts of predators when they are looking for information or playing games in the internet and being a responsible parent means that you do not want your child to fall victim of such predators. This means that you have to use monitoring software that will protect your child from frauds and all the things that might harm them when using a computer. The internet is where you get all sorts of information from different sources and it is your responsibility as a parent to stop your child from being exposed to all sorts of information.
The best way to protect you child from these predators is to use monitoring software that is able to filter out those websites and images that are inappropriate for your child. The software will also keep track of what the child is doing while using the internet and is able to block harmful content, pirated movies and music, viruses and explicit photos.

New eReaders


There are several eReaders in the market today and one of the most recent eReader to be launched is the Plastic Logic Que. The other one that was launched at the same period with the Plastic Logic Que is the Alex that comes from the Spring Designs. Alex is sold for $349 and runs Android 1.6 on a LCD touchscreen which is 3.5 inches but the main screen is the 6 inches readable screen.

It is similar to kindle 2 and the Nook by Noble and Barnes and its main work is for navigation and voice recording. One added advantage of Alex is that it allows you to listen to music player because of its two speakers.The Plastic Logic Que is a little bit expensive than Alex and it is a few steps up from Alex. It offers what is known as the Que TruVue-slick formatting which is known to be an improvement on the kindle’s text formatting.

How to Import Contacts in Outlook


There comes a time when you want to import contacts that are saved into the exported .csv file (comma separated values) to your Outlook account. One of the advantages of importing contacts to your Outlook account is that it saves you time hat you could otherwise spend saving the contacts manually in the Address book of Outlook.

In order to import contacts that are saved on your pen drive, computer system or any other storage device, you have to follow these steps. First, click start and then select the Import and Export option and from here the Import and Export Wizard will pop up. From here, you have to select the file that you want to import and after selecting the file you wish to import click the Next button. Select the Comma Separated Values (Windows) and the File to Import box appears. Click browse and select the .scv file that you want to import and then click OK.

Trouble Shooting Webcam Problems


One of the problems that most people are faced with when they are using webcam is the driver problem. When webcam has driver problem it will make them not working properly and it is one of the biggest problem that webcam users are faced with. This means that you need to learn how to deal with this driver problem so that you can enjoy your webcam. This does not require a computer expert because you can learn how to get rid of the problem by yourself.

One of the things that you have to do when troubleshooting webcam is to unplug the webcam from your PC and see if it is possible for windows to redetect it once you connect it back. If it requires a new driver then you will know that there was a problem in the initial install and this means that you have to re-install the device using the drivers that you have been offered.