Archive: June 2010

Googles New Operating System-Chrome OS

Google has made advancement in the technology world and as such, outdone a lot of its competitors and the latest development is the new operating system which they have named Google chrome OS. Defined as an open source operating system, some of the aspects that Google promises to deliver include; simplicity, security and high speed levels and is characteristically geared towards netbooks.

Chrome OS can run on an x86 based PCs and any machines that have an ARM processor which is most cases is referred to as smart books. Though this is the case, it is also important to note that it can also run on any computer or Pc as long as it meets the basic requirements. In addition to this, the applications of the program are also going to be compatible with other browsers such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Due to this, Google has just become the latest provider to carefully keep an eye on.

Document Shredder- Why You Need One

It is a given fact that though the shredder has been around for a long time, a vast majority of people do not take the time to invest in one either due to ignorance or lack of knowledge on why it really is a necessity in today’s world. One major reason is to avoid identity theft. This is something that has grown at an alarming rate and people are advised to shred personal information instead of throwing it away. Secondly, there are two federal laws which demand that personal information of workers should be destroyed and these include the Health Insurance and Accountability Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.

On top of this, if you have a shredder, you are able to protect your company’s information by destroying any irrelevant information that you do not need instead of just throwing it away. What is more, if you are used to having a hiring a professional shredder to carry this out for you, you can reduce the expenses by taking care of this yourself.

Lengths Of HDMI Cables

HDMI is one of the highest resolution video. However, the length of used for its connection is known to affect the resolution and as such, one ought to be careful when they are choosing a suitable cable for the same. In essence, it should never exceed more than fifty feet in length due to the fact that it is made from twisted copper instead of the usual coaxial cable which is known to be high gauge.

Some of the effects that can be noted when the cable is too long is distortion and blurring of pictures. The required lengths are often something below fifty feet which translates to fifteen yards. If you want the cable to extend further than that, then you have to use some additional boosters to enhance clarity and bring out clear pictures. However, it is imperative to note that this is highly dependent on the kind of HDMI cable you are using as there are some that go as far as one hundred and fifty feet.

Comparing A Television To A Computer Monitor

If you were to look at the outside appearance of a computer and a television, no major difference would be noted except in the design and size. However, an in depth look at these two shows a significance difference. In the first instance, computers lack tuners while television have one and while computers have less input connectors, television have numerous ones that are either on the front, the back or the sides.

Another major difference between these two items is the fact that television have been installed with internal speakers while computers are not. This is mainly due to the fact that the television set is supposed to project the sound and give the pictures been viewed on the screen more life. The last major difference is the difference in screen size. While the television tends to be larger, the computer tends for be smaller. For this reasons, if you are looking for resolution, then a computer is ideal however if you want a set that can serve the purpose of displaying videos or movies, then the most ideal is the television set.