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Quiver iPod Shoulder Strap

With new innovations being made every other day life has indeed become a lot easier and comfortable. The Quiver is a latest addition to the book. It is basically a small bag where you can keep your iPod. The Quiver comes with a lot of advantages for sure. Along with a chic and trendy look the Quiver provides the person the option of changing and skipping between songs.

It also helps to protect the iPod from external damage like rain water, but it body is made of special fibre which allows the air circulation and provided the required breathing space. It provides volume control and headphone management options. The quiver is an apparatus specially designed for biking and jogging. So, get one today and enjoy.

It doesn’t come with high price. It is cheap and affordable and is highly popular among people and hence enjoys an uninterrupted edge over other apparatus.

Ramos MP3 Player

A Chinese company named Ramos had been offering its customers with a number of digital audio players. These devices are no way near the innovators’ like Apple’s designed iPods or other MP3 players. However, these Chinese models are available at very affordable prices and the look of the players is quite appealing.

In recent times, the China based company has come up with three new models of the MP3 player. These include the Q15, Q12 and Q10 models. Well why these models are not consecutively numbered is a question that might occur to you but you need not pay much heed to this and enjoy the digital sound. Q15 and Q10 are video enabled models while the Q12 does not have a video player. In fact, the Q12 version is very similar to the iPod Nano as it lacks a video support system. The cost of these models has not yet been determined. We will get to know the prices only when the models are launched.

Monolith MX-1000

Purchasing the iPod is not feasible for everyone, yet if you are interested to purchase an MP3 player or an audio player of digital quality then you can opt for the Monolith MX-1000. The player is not very cheap but produces the best quality sound. It does not have an attractive look but is the best alternative to iPods.

The company eStarLabs produces the Monolith music players. The manufacturers have consistently upgraded their designing skills. As a result, we have received some very popular models like the MX-3010, the series of 7000 and recently the MX-1000. The Mx-1000 is popularly known as “the Core”. This model of eStarLabs does not sport a screen. It is a light device weighing only about 16 grams. Monolith’s MX-1000 was supposed to be available in a newer version with 2GB storage capacity. The launch however has been delayed by the manufacturers, as supplies are less.

Kenwood Media KEG

The digital built-in amplifier and a technically improved sound system Kenwood’s digital music player are not very popular in the United States. However, the series of Media Keg produced by the company has earned a good reputation in Japan. One of its models, HD30GB9 has gained immense popularity over the years.

Software named Supreme EX has made the player a favorite of all music lovers. Along with the great sound system, other accessories like some Japanese paperwork, an USB cable, a large pouch for the drawstring and the ear buds. You will not find a CD-Rom, as the manual and the software are stored on the hard drive of the player. The model has a casual appearance and resembles a toy audio player. However, the sleek design with stylish buttons makes it quite fashionable. The plastic casing poses a problem by attracting fingerprints, but you can easily get rid of them by wiping the player.

MP3 Watch

Fusion has become an important part of human life in today’s time. You keep listening to fusion music; you like to taste fusion food, etc. The point is that fusion has become the talk of the youth. The most significant fusion is that of the electronic devices. Indeed combined electronic gadgets are an idea that has caught on with most of us.

This amalgamation has an important advantage. It decreases the amount of gadgets that one requires carrying around all the time. That gives an explanation for how our cell phones are becoming more fascinating and complicated with every passing year.

A company named Aigo creates fascinating MP3 watches. Its look is not similar to an Omega, the Tag Heuer or even a Rolex, yet it has its individual appeal. The model A020 is created by Citizen and the watch looks reasonably elegant and strong. However, it is not resistant to water but its glass is comparatively scratchproof.

iSplash Splashproof Stereo Speaker System

If you thought that there is possibly no other way of playing your iPod and your MP3’s, then you are mistaken. A design team named Sharper Image created a portable gadget for taking pleasure in listening to your favorite tracks in the open.

The speaker system of the rugged stereo of iSplah is a suitable and handy player that finds utility almost anywhere from a park to a pool or a beach as well. You will not require worrying about the iPod getting soaked or filled with sand. All you need to do is put it in the pop-out section, which has been sealed, on the stereo. Then connects the retractable cable, and lock it carefully behind the gasket, which is water-resistant. Then you can simply enjoy the music for hours on your high-fidelity speakers of the stereo. The music player also has an equalizer operated electronically and some jacks for the headphones. Another smart feature is the twin-carry handles.

iPod-Controlling Electronics Backpack

You might have all the technological gadgets like the iPod, the PDA, etc. if you own an iPod then you must be having the iPod compatible shirt, jeans or even the tie. Well, then you should check out the iPod controlling backpack.

At first glance, you may think that the backpack is very similar to all other backpacks. Hence, you may doubt its service. However, a closer look will tell you a lot more. You will discover a small but safe pocket designed exclusively for the iPod. It can be plugged into a jack positioned on the backpack. There is another all-purpose jack on the left strap of the backpack that stores the headphones and allows you to have complete control of your music player via the five buttoned control panel placed on the left strap. The control panel regulates the volume, the menu selection, the pause and the stop functions.

USB LP-to-MP3 Converter

As times are changing, technology is making great improvements. The way people had been listening to music has also transformed over the years. Many men and women, who are in their 50s, still prefer to recollect the glory of the good old days of music, which was a time of the 8-tracks and the LP’s.

In addition, they could never let go of those old vinyl records, as they are considered to be classics. They regret the fact that such music is not made anymore. The unfortunate part of the story is that the devices that would enable you to listen to your favorite golden oldies have not been invented.

For the sake of these old songs and their listeners, the LP-to-MP3 Converter has been introduced. This portable gadget allows you to convert the old favorite songs to MP3 format so that they can be played on the iPod or any other MP3 device.


Almost every other day you hear about the invention of some new technological product. These seem to pamper the business professionals. A new smartpen invented recently has made sharing, organizing and storing information extremely simple for professionals. The introduction of some communication and collaboration potentials are on the card. These products will include the Paper Tablet Software and the Connect Software.

The sleek smartpen restricts almost anything and everything that its consumers write or hear, similar to its predecessor. The smartpen makes use of desktop software by the Livescribe to let its users access important information either by patting the written notes directly on the computer or on the paper. The significant feature of the two models of the smart pens, one of which is 4GB and the other is of 8GB storage capacity, is the recording capabilities of 400 hours and 800 hours respectively. The pen is designed in a fashion that offers a firm hold.

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

How often you popped those bubbles on your bubble wrap and did not let even one survive. Well though it is meant for protecting the packages, yet you were more concerned about popping the bubbles than protecting its belongings.

The future of bubble wrap an electronic bubble wrap keychain has been invented for your satisfaction. The bubble wrap keychain is a very small device that comes with eight buttons shaped like bubbles. These bubbles are strategically made similar to the bubble wrap. It fits well in your pocket. On pressing one of these rubbery buttons, you get to hear the pop sound. This makes the experience quite delightful. This simple device is unique in its own way. There is a bonus that you get with every 100th pop. The advantage that this keychain offers is a different sound when you press the button for the 100th time. The sound that you get to hear is of a boring, a rude noise or a bark, etc.