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Low-Energy Computer

As the savings in energy consumption drive is assuming great importance worldwide and when every nation is trying to innovate new and newer methods for energy saving devices, low-energy computer plays a significant role to fructify the these measures. Nowadays, various models in respect of low-energy computer are being innovated. One such model is The Low-Energy Aleutia E2 and its measures 4.5 inches in length and breadth and 1.4 inches in height. Its weight is only 500 grams only. Though small, it is very durable and can be attached in the backside of a LCD.

Therefore, if anybody is looking for an effective energy saving device for his computer or TV, then one can chose the Low-Energy Aleutia E3 model for better utility and as a long lasting device in one’s home. The device is also very cost effective and is available in all the reputed electronic devices selling shops.

iPhone and iPod Touch Charging Case

Electronic devices are needed to be charged and iPhone and iPod Touch are not exceptional in this respect. This electronic device having high energy can be charged now with the help of iPhone and iPod Charging Leather Case. After charging the device being completed, one may get additional talk time of three and half hours. When the device is placed inside the dock, the Li-ion Battery begins to charge it, the dock may be utilized 1.5 times, and after that measures have to be taken for charging the dock itself. The leather case can be kept in one’s pocket and it gets turned off when a button is touched.

For various models of the device, one can browse the websites for iPhone and iPod Touch Charging Leather Case producer companies and select the best model for this wonderful device. Details about using the model and its prices will also be available from the websites.

Steering Wheel Speakerphone

Various states of USA and other countries of the universe have imposed ban order on using cell phone while driving a car unless one avails the facility of hands free device. To overcome this problem, steering wheel speakerphone is the ideal solution which when remains attached to one’s steering wheel of the car, enables him or her to continue his conversation without being hands off from the steering. The device contains two numbers of speakers along with technologies for echo cancellation and noise reduction for reception and clear transmission. The attachment can be used for cell phones of eight different natures and one can transfer 600 numbers of phone details in its memory disc of 256 MB.

The other common facilities like free talk time and in built rechargeable batteries are available in the unique device. It sounds interesting, is it not? Book your steering wheel speakerphone early and enjoy the privilege.


iKaraoke is a device with a cylindrical type five inches long microphone in a cord and it is about one inch higher in length than the iPod of full size. On the top of the microphone there is a ring that signals to inform the user that when he or she is in a settings mode. Installing iKaraoke is very easy. One has to insert the jack in the dock connector of one’s iPod and then the press button on the microphone has to be activated for viewing the set up menu on the iPod screen. The settings allow one to identify whether the mode is of FM Transmission or a matter of lineout. In the end of the dock connector, there is a built in lineout jack for making convenient connection to a sound system or speakers.

The settings permit one to fix a reverb level, PA level or music, and frequency of FM for the transmission mode.

Blueado Media PC

Is anybody facing the difficulties of space deficiency in his or her living room and still wish to accommodate a computer there? If the answer is in affirmative, then it is the right time to go for a Blueado media PC or Blueado Mini Windows Media Center PC. It is the right solution for him or her in this context and there is no doubt about it.

This ideal Blueado Media PC, being produced with great precision, is available in the size measuring 12 inches in length, 8 inches in breadth and 4.2 inches in height. Other features of the Blueado Media PC are that it contains 200 GB hard drive, along with DVD writer and TV-Tuner. One will be surprised to know, that it also contains 1 GB Ram along with Intel Pentium M CPU. For other details of this device one may also search the internet sites about Blueado Media PC.

MoPods Cell Phone Alerts

MoPods are tiny electronic devices that one can clip on his or her jacket, one’s backpack, one’s navel ring and any suitable place in his or her body. With the magic of science, MoPods flash and spin when anybody receive a call in cell phone. All they need are batteries, which are provided in built, and a little bit of care. The specialties of MoPods are that they alarms the owner in a silent and quite manner that he or she has a call to attend. This device is also suitable for meetings and on other occasions when you desire to remain silent, as you are busy with another important business.

Avail the utility of this unique device for making it your life partner with the little bit of expense about 10 dollars. The device is available in all the renowned electronic devices shops and one can avail the option of online browsing for selecting the right type of model.

Dualcore cPC

In January, Dualcore Technologies will bring in the market cPC, full-fledged windows XP, which can be held in hand, tablet computer that operates operating systems with windows mobile 5.0 fort its unique phone functionality. The Dualcore cPC is 1.2 inches thick, 6.5 inches long and 3.3 inches in width and has a diagonal screen measuring 5 inches. It is mainly meant for the executives and representatives who are engaged in extensive travelling.

The unique aspect of this device is that it allows you to operate one’s windows XP applications and acts as smart phone while at the same time resolving the cumbersome, power hungry and bulky issues that the product possesses. The suitable size, ability to operate windows XP and better life span make Dualcore cPC an attractive device. The approximate cost of the Dualcore cPC will be about 1500 dollar. One will not have to wait for a longer period and the device will make its presence very soon.

HYmini Portable Power Supply

As day by day, every useful goods are becoming smaller and smaller, now the time has come to get a mini size generator or a device for generating power supply. It will be useful for various reasons. Besides charging one’s electronic gadgets, it is easier to carry the thing from one place to another while one is on the move.

The item has basic advantage and it is an accessory for the HYmini Wind & Solar Chargers. If anybody owns the device, then he will not have to be worried for the presence of wind or sun. One can still get one’s job done, as there will be no problem. HYmini Portable Power Supply is highly useful and become a useful appliance for the benefits of the people. It is also very useful when anybody decides to have trekking in some remote forests or hilly areas as they will not have to worry for the supply of power.


iRecord is a product which has been prepared for optimizing and facilitating the transfer of data in the form of pictures, videos and music from a compressed digital form to a digital form so that it can be stored in any device such as iPod, USB stick, PSP or a iPhone.

IRecord was first released in the month of October 2006. The main feature of this device is its discarding of computer intermediary for such process and the fact has to be noted that it can grasp information from different sources even a tape recorder or VHS. This enables the user from depending on a software application of particular nature. As for example if a user wish to replace video data from a personal video recorder, he will not have to depend on Apple Computer’s iTunes. The main advantage of iRecord is its audio and video quality, which gives support for the MPEG-4 and H264 standards.

Hands free Cell Phone Kit

It is very useful to get a hands free cell phone kit because it is convenient to drive a car by using the same type of kit. There are many types of hands free cell phone kit in the market. One of them is the ear bud headsets. The device is sleek and small, looks like thing in star trek, and is called ear bud headset. Another type is boom headsets. While ear buds are effective and comfortable but if somebody does not want to be heard then he or she can opt for boom headsets. A physical microwave is placed close to the mouth in this set for better hearing.

Another type of hands free cell phone kit is known as retractable headsets. In this set the wire is stored in case of small type and become tangled easily thus allowing the privilege for adjustment of the wire during talking.