Archive: September 2011

Reasons for a slow PSP

PSP has been a delight for all the game lovers. However, the speed of the PSP is a cause of worry for many. As people buy more of the PSP games for their kids, they also are getting frustrated with the problem of speed getting lower by the day. There have been numerous instances where the games get downloaded nicely but the speed starts deteriorating after a week’s time. This is even to the extent that the games barely run. While it is common for free downloaded games, it is very annoying for games that have been bought.

Free downloaded games initially run fast but after sometime the speed goes down. This simply is a trick to promote sales. People will need to buy the game and thereafter it will run at a higher speed again. However even for bought PSP games, sometimes the speed is very low. The reasons for such problems are that PSP versions are tested on higher versions which are not always there in the home computers. Further the configuration mode could be a major problem that needs to be fixed.

Affordable Android phones for your use

Technology in telecommunication has taken a giant leap in the recent years. The concept of phone has changed simultaneously to include a multipurpose device instead of just being a talking or chatting devices. Now people prefer android phones to the simpler versions due to the numerous facilities these devices provide. Furthermore, there is high competition in the market between the numerous companies trying to beat each other with a more advanced product.

Most android phone now comes in an affordable price range. While each may have definite specification which sets it apart from the other, the general features that can be found in most android phones are 600 MHz processor, high onboard storage, card slots, TFT screens, Wi- Fi connectivity, audio jacks, high pixel cameras, social networking integration. While some have touch screen, others have high performance keyboard. The additional facilities that some phones provide are GPS navigation systems, Digital compass, smart dialling and others.

Spotting fake memory sticks

The increasing importance of knowledge and information has made storage of information in an easily accessible manner equally important. Hence the need of memory devices to store this information too has grown. There are numerous memory devices manufactured by various companies available in the market. While some are genuine, there are devices which are fakes. The differences are so less that it becomes difficult to distinguish the originals from the fake ones.

Therefore, when purchasing a memory device, care should be taken to buy it from a reputable store. Then the chances of buying a fake are lower. Sometimes people end up buying fake devices because they are offered at very cheaper rates. Hence go for proper brands which have fixed prices. Checking for a valid serial number before getting the device packaged is equally significant. Most original devices have notches and other curves on the edges that distinguish the branded products. These are absent in case of a fake product. Apart from this, the common checking of presence of hologram is obviously required.

Innovative advancements in portable entertainment for homes

People are enduring a faster lifestyle where they do not have time to sit back and enjoy. They want everything on their fingertips including the entertainment. While most use there I pods, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, portable Internet devices for the purpose, there are many who want the feel of home entertainment systems on their portable devices. This is one of the many reasons for the numerous advanced technological products in the last decades.

Along with the smart phones, there are miniature entertainment devices in the market that provide the facilities starting from screen that can show video display like normal TV screen, has MP3 facilities to play DVDs, can be used to surf Internet and download movies and also connect with Pocket dishes which provide the facility of digital video recording. The new concept of PlayStations fulfil all the needs of entertainment for a person from playing games, watching movies, listening to music, surfing Internet, talking or chatting to people around and staying connected giving a wholesome feel of entertainment.

Determining Fake Headsets

On one hand new types of equipments and accessories are coming out every day due to the advancement of technology. On the other hand, the numbers of fake products are parallel increasing in the markets. The models of the fake products are so well designed that it becomes very difficult to separate them from the original ones. While the problem exists with all types of electronic goods sold in the markets or over the Internet, the maximum fake products are of the headsets.

While very few fake products come with the disclaimer, others need to be identified. It is not an easy task but neither impossible also. One must take a good look at the original product at the store or of the images is the original is not around and then compare it with the one to be bought. The design of the earpiece seen through the holes, transparency of a particular part, presence of neckband, material, leather ring placement and LED of the logo are some of the things that when compared can help to determine a fake item.