Archive: October 2011

Getting the best digital camera for your money

Having a digital camera is one of the wishes most people have. However, choosing and getting the best digital camera is a mammoth experience for most especially if the person is a beginner or a novice. Cameras like any other electronic goods should be bought from reputable stores. Most people have brand fascination and tend to stick to a particular brand. Even then there are many who want the best camera that money can buy and go for thorough comparison.

The purchase initially entirely depends on the budget one has. Hence set a budget and then look for the cameras in that range. Also the level of expertise plays an important role. While experts would like more of the manual control where they know how to adjust the camera to take the best shots, the learner would like more digital control due to lack of experience. Similarly, whether you wish to shoot wildlife or use it for regular use or just as an essential accessory at home also changes the choice one makes. Further, a thorough comparison of the review of the selected cameras helps to make a definite decision.

Tip to quickly find Windows version

The details of every computer, laptop, net book and notebook can be found in their properties. However, people who are not comfortable with the technical details of the computers consider the task of finding the details a difficult task. However, it is to be noted that the user must be aware of some basic details about the computer for example the Windows version that is installed in the computer, and the capacity of the computer. Many prefer shortcuts to find these things rather than searching the properties in the computers.

Such people can try a simple way to find the version of the Windows installed in the computer. All they will have to do is type the word ‘winver’ on the run and press enter. They will get all the details of the computer the next moment. It not only shows the version of the Windows but also provides information about the build of the operating system, service packs undertaken for the computer, year of copyright of the operating system and also about the physical memory capacity of the computer.

Securing wireless network from hackers

Most people use and prefer wireless networks to work from home. While people try to take proper caution regarding security when using the wireless network, it still remains open to hacking. This is a serious threat because it enables hackers to have access to your personal data transferred over the network. Hence it is important that one secures the wireless networks at home before beginning their work.

Resetting the password of the routers which are generic in nature would be a great help. It is so because the hacker would not know the password to entire your world. Further each wireless network needs a unique name so that it can be distinguished from the other wireless networks. This unique name also called Service Set Identifier is normally set to broadcast the name. Turning off the broadcasting feature is essential. Apart from this it is important to check whether the Web Encryption Protocol is turned on or not. If it is off, it means all the personal data exchanged over the network can be transferred in to plain text.