Archive: January 2012

Must have self defense gadgets for women

Are you thinking of keeping some useful defense equipments with you just like any other educated urban women? Well then let us provide you some sensible plans. Generally a woman can protect herself a variety of ways but if you want to have a number of self defense items with you then you must be competent and comfortable enough while using them.

One of the most easy defense equipment is car keys, if you are attacked by any stranger then you can throw sharp metal made bunch of keys to any of the soft sport of the attacker, be it eyes or any other areas in the face. Keeping a mace or pepper spray could be another useful defensive tool which you can easily hide in the palm of your hand and you can fire it until the attacker is all trapped. Stun guns are also a good choice which can electrify the attacker.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Since its introduction for use by civilians, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has become very useful in day to day activities. There are different types of GPS devices available in the market for civilian use. Tracking objects have become easier than ever with the launch of GPS. All one needs to do is have a small chip installed in the object to be tracked and install the corresponding software in one’s phone or computer.

One of the useful tracking areas is in keeping a constant eye on the whereabouts of one’s vehicles. There are mainly 2 types of devices; one personal use and the other for business use. These are attached directly to the electrical system of the car. Thus they do not need batteries and are able to constantly send updates. The business use version is for fleet owners and trucking companies to keep track of all vehicle movement and ensure that they are at the right places at the right time.