Archive: March 2012

Sony Ericsson Txt: a must have toy for tweeters

Sony Ericsson TxT, Tweeter Friendly Cell phone Are you a twitter freak? And want to get hooked on it round the clock? Well then nothing can serve you better than getting a Sony Ericsson pro txt. It is a brilliant cutting edge phone with a sliding keyboard. Facebook, twitter, orkut, linkdin and many more applications are the inbuilt features of this phone. If social networking sites keep you busy all the day then this is the device you are looking for.

The 4 row keypad and amazing Wi-Fi connectivity system of this phone has already created much buzz among its fans. The physical features of this phone are pretty attractive as it weighs only hundred grams and it is only 17 mm thick. The size of the touch screen is 4 inches and it is scratch resistant that has a superb resolution of 250×300 megapixels. So just by a few flipping you can smoothly operate this device.

Self defense gadgets for women and children

Self defense gadgets, gadgetsMost of the women are keeping self defense gadgets in their bags in order to protect themselves from any untoward incident that frequently happen against women in the streets. Pepper and mace spray are considered the most useful gadgets that a majority of women find not only easy to use but very effective as well. These gadgets are quite small to keep them in your wallet and you can expect immediate action once you are too close to the perpetrator.

Key chains, stun guns and many more devices are portable enough to be carried by women when they are out for work. In case of children most parents insist them to have small doll shaped alarms which can create strong hooting from a quite a decent amount of distance. Whistles in the shape of necklaces are also easily used by the children. So get a few gadgets like these for your family too to keep them in safety.

What are digital food thermometers?

If you want to make sure that the food you cook is of the right temperature than you no longer have to guess it right. The new age digital food thermometers help people get the exact temperature of the food they are cooking so that you can be hundred percent sure that the food has been properly cooked, to the right temperature so that all the bacteria in it are killed.

The latest digital food thermometers are designed in such a way that  u can insert the thermometer needle in your food while it is cooking and set it an alarm to a certain temperature that you need the dish to attain. Once the dish has reached the required temperature, the digital food thermometer will set off the alarm alerting you. If you want to get instant reading then all you have to do is put the thermometer needle in and get the correct temperature reading in about five seconds.