Archive: June 2012

Saving electricity at home

Tips to save electricity, save energyRight from childhood, we have been taught to conserve energy and one of the basic ways of doing so is by ensuring the fact electricity is saved at every possible moment. There are various ways in which electricity can be saved and some of the most basic ways of doing so is by making sure it is not wasted unnecessarily. Following some of these very basic tips, one can contribute their share in conserving electricity worldwide.

The first thing that one can do is to make sure that all the electrical appliances and apparatus such as light, fan and television are turned off when not in use. These are the major energy consumers as they run for the most part of the day. It is also advised that people do not run heavy energy consumption apparatus such as an air conditioner or a geyser more than what is required of them as the energy consumption is exorbitant in these apparatus. Also, switching to solar power is emphasized as it greatly helps in the overall energy saving and thus electricity in turn.

Homemade self defense gadget

Self defense gadget, security gadgetsSelf defense is something which should be learnt by every single individual. No matter if you are a 6 year old child or a 60 year old woman, one should always be ready to save themselves should the need arise. Martial art is always not possible to learn but there are some homemade self defense gadgets that one can use effectively to knock the wind out of any attacker. These devices are easy to make and can work very effectively resulting in your safety against unforeseen circumstances and situations.

And one of the best self defense gadgets that one can use is a pepper spray. As the name suggests, a pepper spray sprays pepper right into the attackers’ eye when used effectively by the victim resulting in complete disability and temporary vision loss. They look like bottles of deodorants and hence can be easily put in a purse without much suspicion and are legal in most parts of the world.

Home automation gadgets

Home automation gadgets, home gadgetsWorrying about the various objects in the house can be very stressful. When you are out, it can always be a constant botheration and it would be great if you could monitor the condition of the various objects of your house even when you are out. There are a lot of gadgets that are found in the market which could be very helpful for this purpose. Most of these gadgets are wireless and they come with Wi-Fi technology.

These gadgets may use certain cloud based services. They also have vibration sensors. A good automation gadget will give you extra slot for improvising with extra services. They are very useful if there is an emergency at your house. Some of the gadgets derive their powers from micro USB that are on board. They can also have a couple of AAA batteries. Therefore, these gadgets will help you immensely at the time of an emergency and are also capable of letting you know when your laundry is going or the door of the garage is left open.