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Picking the best video card for your computer

Video card, Computer video cardWhen you go to buy a video card for your computer always remember that the video card is dependent on the system requirements. Your computer may have applications that are of a high resolution. It is then that you would require a video card that has SLI capabilities. While buying the video card you must know the present capacities of the mother board that you have and you need to mention it to the person selling you the video card.

If a wrong video card gets installed in your computer and it does not work properly you may well have to format your computer and change the video card also. Basically your video card depends on two things, first is the mother board and the second is the PCI express port that supports the graphics of your computer. Recently two companies are providing the best video card in the market and they are Nvidia and ATI.

Cat 5 vs. Cat 6 cable

Cat 5 cable, network cablesIn order to make the right choice, you will need to know about the two different kinds of cables. If you are working with a router and a dated modem, in most probabilities, you are working with a cat 5 cable. This cable supports both 10BaseT and 100Base T. You will get a more efficient performance from the cable if you use a network with low bandwidth. These cables are replaced with the improvised version known as the cat 5e cables. There are very few cat 5 cables in use in today’s time.

The cat 6 cables are the most recent types. Wire insulation is much better with the cat 6 cables and the capability of performance is quite enhanced. Crosstalk interferences can be removed in a much better way with these cables than the earlier types. The frequency of rate of these cables is at a good 250 MHz while the rate of the cat 5 is only about 100 MHz.

Data recovery solutions for hard drive problems

Hard drive crash recovery, data recovery tipsMachines are always prone to accidental crashes and so are your computer hard drives. There are several reasons adding fuel to these failures, and as a result your hard drive files get corrupted and end up with your business and important documents getting lost. So it is always advisable to have a backup approach to all your important files. Viruses, spywares, malwares, unexpected crashes, system failures or might be just an electrical crash down can cause serious threats to all your documents.

Documents and files that are stored in the system have a high probability of getting recovered, when there is an accidental crash down unless not physically damaged. There are possibilities of getting system error warnings before the drive gets finally crashed. It is better not to ignore such minor scratches and start opting for a backup strategy, otherwise after final crash down get professional recovery approach. To avoid such possibilities, better to have at least dual hard drives installed and hire an expert to recover the scratched data.