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How to clean your CPU fan

CPU fan, computer maintenanceYour CPU is one of the most important parts of the computer. It works for all the other parts holds the motherboard, gives commands which you provide and in short, it’s the computer’s brain. So you must make sure that it’s always in good working condition and not just operational. Cleaning the fan inside the CPU is something which every computer owner must earn. Cleaning the fan helps in increasing the life of the CPU and keeps it well functioning for a longer period of time.

First of all, shut down your computer and turn off the main switch. Open the back of the computer case using screw drivers and keep the cover aside. Use a can of compressed air and place it two inches away from the cleaning area before you spray. Use fast, short sprays over the fan blades, it’s not a perfume, so be quick and short with you spray. Use a damp cloth to clean the power chords and then put back everything like it was.

Tips to protect your Android phone from hackers

Android phone from hackers, Android phoneHackers have become a strong with the advent of technology. The hackers of the present generation are attacking mobile phones more. So it is necessary to keep your phones safe these days. Android phones are more at risk as android OS comes for free and any one can access its developer’s page. So to keep your phone safe here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Download apps for your phone only from a trusted site. This will ensure that you don’t risk your phone to hackers. Untrusted sites may have the risk of more attackers attacking your cell phone.
  • Password protection is a must for your phone. It makes sure that your phone cannot be accessed by everyone.
  • Sharing the personal information over a Wi-Fi network can be risky. As Wi-Fi is a network that is quite risky.
  • Updating your OS at a regular instance is very important. As Android update is available you need to update your phone.

Try these tips to make sure that your phone is secured from hackers.

Pros and cons of USB webcam

USB webcam, pros of USB webcamWebcam has now-a-days become an integral part of everyone’s life. You can very easily talk to your closed ones, who are at a distant place from yours, face to face using a webcam. If you have a computer enabled with an internet connection, then installing a webcam will enable you to do video conferencing. Many times this can even help you in your professional career as you can easily talk to any person sitting in some different country or even continent.

There are various types of webcams available in the market. Of all the USB webcams have become much popular lately. The main advantage is that you can use the USB webcam in any computer as you simply need to plug in the webcam to the machine to install it.

But then connecting and disconnecting the USB webcam may lead to loosening of the USB socket of your computer as well as of your webcam chord. In such cases the webcam may disconnect in between a conversation. There is hardly any repairing method for the USB webcams.

How to Send Large Files at One Go

There are a lot of things which we have to handle these days at work, with the help of computers. If you work in a business firm or any other kind of company which has to deal with large amounts of data then you must be aware that sending or receiving large sized files through emails requires each big file to be broken down or compressed to be sent at one go. Emails don’t allow files after a certain size to be sent at once. Also many a time people have problems with storing large amounts of data in computer systems.

Data might get deleted by mistake or your computer’s hard drive could also crash. To make sure that you have a backup of all these files and to also be able to send large files without breaking them up or compromising their authenticity in any way, you must take the help from an online file sharing and storage system. Send large files in a matter of seconds and store and share data online virtually in a private or public or smei0priovate and safe manner.