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How to set up wireless LAN connection

wireless LAN connectionIf you are planning to set up a wireless LAN connection in your office, you need to keep certain things in mind to use it effectively. It is quite a difficult task if you are looking for setting up the wireless LAN connection on your own. Even if you have done it on your own, you may face certain difficulties while using the LAN.

Depending on the office, the number of computers to be connection through LAN, you have to choose the correct type of transmitter. While setting up wireless LAN connection, a central controlling unit will be placed and it will be connected to a particular machine which will act as the server machine. Unless and until this machine is switched on, the LAN will not function in your office.

You can contact a computer engineer to effectively set up the LAN connection. He can connect the whole system properly without any problem and your LAN will function properly. Each computer will have a LAN card and the IP address of each of the computer will be registered in the server or central computer to enable that particular computer to use the LAN connection properly.

Review of Samsung galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4Thinking of buying a smartphone? Well, if you are, then you can take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, the flagship handset introduced by the mobile giant. It operates on 4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean and its hardware has improved significantly compared to its predecessor. The features that this phone has are amazing as well.

The design language of the S4 is similar to that of the S3 but the former has taken each feature specification to the extreme. The screen is 5 inches and the resolution is 1080p (both better than the S3). The battery capacity is 2600 mAh and the processor is much faster than the S3 at 1.9 GHz quad core or the 1.6GHz octa core. The rear facing camera of the S4 is 13 megapixel. This phone also has a lot more external and internal storage space and RAM. One of the USPs of the phone is the TV control app.

How to use GPS on mobile phones

GPS navigator, GPSThe GPS or the Global Positioning System is the latest gift of technology. This particular feature helps to reach any place any time irrespective of the fact where you are and whether you know the place or not. Almost all mobile phones now days have the GPS application installed in them. Even few cars now days come fitted with the GPS.

The GPS works based on the internet and the satellite. As soon as you open the GPS application, your current location is easily determined. You have to enter the place where you want to go. The GPS will show you all the details regarding the place where you want to go.

The GPS will even show you the minute details regarding the curves, bends and one-way in the route leading you to your destination. Depending on the speed at which you are travelling, the GPS will give you an estimated time required to reach the place. So, in short the GPS is a boon for a large number of tech savvy people.

Review of Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620, latest mobilesAfter waiting for long, Nokia ultimately has launched the Lumia 620 in the Indian market. This particular phone will fulfill the demand of those people who wanted to buy a Windows 8 smart phone at a really affordable price. If you want to use something other than the android OS, then Lumia 620 is the perfect thing for you priced below 15,000.

It comes with a 3.8 inch clear black Display screen having a resolution of 800x480p resolution. The Lumia has a 1-GHz dual core processor and 512 MB RAM. The 1300mAh battery provides you with good battery back-up. It also has features like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0, Micro USB, etc. You get an 8GB in built storage expandable up to 64GB. The 5 Megapixel camera with an LED flash really gives you a wonderful image quality. The VGA front camera is also of quite good quality. You get a host of applications like Nokia Maps, Navigation, access to Nokia Online Music store etc, with the Lumia 620.