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How to save battery charge in your iPhone

iPhoneIf you own an iPhone and you are wondering why every 3-4 hours, your battery seems to run low, it could be for many reasons. However, there are ways to reduce this charge reduction by just being careful. If it’s an iPhone, you must have a lot of apps installed. Make sure any app, which you are not using at that given point, is closed. If you are not required GPRS or Bluetooth of wi0fi services at the moment, then you should turn them, off too.

You can keep your phone’s brightness low if you can. You should also try and apply daylight and power saver settings in your phone. When you’re at the office, keeping your phone silent can help. If in general mode, keeping it just on ring and no vibration can also help. Instead of going into airplane mode, you can switch off your phone altogether when you’re in a flight, in case you don’t need the phone.

Best mobile applications for photo editing

photo editing, mobile applicationSmart phones have taken the world by storm. They are being used for all kinds of purposes. They have actually become like a true companion for every smart phone user. The best part of these phones is that you can download applications according to your choice. And when it comes to mobile applications, can photo editing applications be far off? Most of the people use Instagram for editing their pictures. But is that the only application for amazing and artistic editing? You must know of all your alternatives to make the best of your smart phones.

The photo editing applications come with automated settings which make them very easy to use. With these applications you can make your pictures look like that of a professional photographer with simple selections. The commonly used kinds of editing are Warm Vinatge, Black and white, pop, border, vignette, blur, glow, rainbow, soft focus and so much more. you can try the following apps as well:
• Adobe photoshop express
• Aviary photo editor
• After focus
• Pixlr-o-matic

Tips to smoothly run your PC

Computer maintenance, PC careMost of us use computers these days and even a day without a smooth running computer can screw up a lot of personal and professional matters for us. In order to make your computer run smoothly, you must take some time out for proper maintenance to increase its half-life. A slow startup and shutdown can really hinder the rest of the work on your computer.

So start with optimizing the start up. Run computer cleaner software to help to jumpstart right. Synchronize and schedule all software updates to get updated automatically. This should include your antivirus. Keep defragmenting your drives. Keep cleaning up your desktop and get rid of useless files on your C drive. Also, keep deleting recent, preftech and cookies and temporary files from your “run” option. All this should help you get a faster and smoother running computer in no time and you can also keep that maintained longer.

Are you looking for the perfect LED TV for your home?

LED TVThe number of LED TVs flourishing the market these days is increasing exponentially. The LED TVs do vary in their sizes, features and prices accordingly. The brand name of the TVs also does play an important role in its price. If you are looking for a LED TV for your home, then there are few things you must fix first to make a perfect purchase.

First of all fix a budget for the TV as it is the most important thing. Next comes the size of the TV. The size should be dependent on the size and shape of the room where you will keep the TV. If the room is not large enough, then you should not go for a LED TV of big size as it will not be comfortable for your eyes. A certain amount of distance should be kept between the viewer and the TV to enable the perfect vision.

If you have any brand specification while buying LED TV, then you may have to extend your budget a little. While buying LED TV check very carefully whether it provides wide angle viewing. It is a very necessary feature that you should ensure to have the perfect LED TV experience.