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How to care for your tablet

tablet careHave you purchased a tablet lately? Well, that’s great given that the mini PC is really handy ensuring a little computer always within your grasp. However, remember tablets follow a dainty design and hence demand a strong care and maintenance routine. The post here outlines some tablet maintenance tips to remember if you want to assure a long lasting investment here.

The first and foremost tip for tablet care is regular dusting. The dust and dirt particles can have heinous effect on your tablet and it’s of utmost importance that you dust off the system regularly. Accumulated dirt or dust will damage the tablet & slow down the gadget speed as well. Use a clean paper towel soaked in a premium tablet cleaning solution to clean up your tablet. Wipe off the cleaning solution properly after you clean up. It’s to stress here that tablets are not waterproof and any kind of fluid presence for long can be fatal for the tablet. Keep your water bottles at a safe distance from the tablet always.

Then, remember that tablets are sensitive to sunrays as well. Hence you should keep it away from direct sunlight. Guard up the tablet with a solid cover which will help in case you need to work on it on the go, in broad daylight. Besides, make sure to update the tablet operating system occasionally. If you find the tablet malfunctioning, it could be that its operating system has not been updated for long. So you should keep a regular check on its disks on a regular basis.

Anti-virus protection is another vital factor when it comes to tablet care and maintenance. If your tablet is linked with internet, it’s always susceptible to virus attack over time. A premium anti-virus load here will be able to safeguard the important files and folders stored in your tablet.

Top 3 Green gadgets of 2013

Green gadgetsElectronic gadgets will always be popular because of the modifications and the features that they come up with and recently there has been Green gadgets as well that saves a lot of energy. The year 2013 saw the launch of many such gadgets but some of them stood tall amongst the rest. Here are the top 3 Green gadgets of 2013 that might attract you:

Philips Hue Smart LED Light Bulbs– these light bulbs will help you to control the lighting of your home from your smart phone. They are LED bulbs that provide the same kind of brightness as the ones that you have seen till now, the traditional ones of 50W. In addition to that it will also save around 80% of the energy and these bulbs have the capacity to last 25 times more than the traditional bulbs. In short it will not only change the ambience of your house but will also save your money.

Allure Energy Eversense 2.2– this gadget will allow you to control the temperature of your house remotely with the help of a simple application named as “Eversense Mobile”. You can do this with your smart phone as well. This is such a modified gadget that it can actually sense how far you are from your home and according to that it will start to change the temperature. So if you want your house to be warm when you are coming in it will be able to do that.

MeterPlug– this is a rather small device but it has the capacity to do a very important work considering the fact that it saves a lot of energy. This gadget will send you data about the meter consumption of a device at home and it will use Bluetooth to send the date to you on your smart phone.

How Does UPS Help?

upsUPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is considered to be the guardian and savior of all the computers today. It is an intermediatory electronic device that is used to protect telecommunication equipments, data centers and computers. A UPS protects electronic devices from the following disturbances in power:

Power failure– The UPS will provide a backup support to your electronic device for about 5-15 minutes so that you can save all data and switch of the device when there is complete power failure.

Surge– Sometimes the machines cannot withstand the sudden power surge and get damaged. But if you have a UPS attached to your electronic machine then it will control the power flow.

Sag– When the power supply to the machine is low then the UPS will utilize its backup power and inverter to allow the electronic device to work properly.

Spikes– At times there is high flow of electrical power which might destroy the machine. The USP helps the machine to function without getting disturbed by the power fluctuations.

Noise– If some other electronic device is using the same power line that is being utilized by your computer then the power fluctuations caused by the other device will hamper the working of your computer. UPS will save your computer from such fluctuations.

Frequency Instability– Power from the main line always has an altering frequency. The UPS provides same quantity of power supply to the computer and prevents the varying frequency from destroying the mother board of the computer.

Installing a UPS nowadays has become an absolute necessity because mismatch in the supply of power has become extremely common. Since your computer is actually the archive of all your essential data, it is important that you protect it from any damage. Thus connect your computer to a latest model of UPS that will provide top-notch protection to your computer and data.