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Digital Forensics

Digital ForensicsInspite of the fact that this form of forensics had its foundation in the early later 70’s and early 80’s, its evolution lies round the 90’s period; still its national policies emerged in the 21st century only. Digital forensics mostly has to do the recovery and investigation of the substances or articles located in digital apparatus. On a near scale these digital forensics are mostly related to the computer frauds and crimes which happen nowadays at an increasing scale because of the increase in usage of digital based technologies.

Mostly this new and evolving form of forensics is devised to catch the cyber criminals. It is important that there is some special kind of intelligence which is suited enough to handle these kinds of crimes too. This forensics involves obtaining the data from the hard disk of computers or by the computer code. This is difficult to obtain but for the people who are involved in the work of such things it is a very easy thing. Digital forensics involves not only computer analysis of crimes but others too, namely:

Mobile Device Forensics:
since nowadays most Smartphones have inbuilt GPS, mobile data forensics main work involves the tracking of cellular phones. Call logs, SMS’es and internet usage.
Network forensics: mostly internet tracking using Local Area Networks is the main work of these managers.

Forensic data analysis: mostly used in cases where fraud has happened in monetary terms. How and from where the fraud has happened is the main aim of digital forensics in this case.
Computer forensics: as talked about earlier, used mainly for the recovery of damaged and deleted files to use as evidence against a suspect in cases of crimes.

If you want to become a forensics investigator then having a base in computer sciences is much needed. Also your inquisitive character and sharp traits helps a lot too.

Back up your mobile data for a smiling crisis

mobile data backupIt is very common that people depend on their phones for the storage of all the important contacts. But it is advisable that you don not depend on just one device for such important tasks. It can be very unsafe if your phone is lost or pick pocketed. In order to protect yourself from facing such inconveniences you must keep a back up of all the data. Some of the phones today are available along with the software that that allow the back up for these data. The best example being that if you are using a Sony Ericsson phone, then the best PC software that you can use is Float’s Mobile Agent. But the only disadvantage that this method has is that you will have to connect your phone to the PC regularly so that you have the updated account of all your data.

The best and the most easiest method of having a back up for all your data is to copy them into a DVD, USB memory stick or a hard disc. But it night pose another problem if the laptops are stolen away fro the office or house. You can also make the fullest use of online backup services. This will ensure that all your important data are safe even if your phone is lost or stolen. Even after the expiry of your membership date, there are services that keep your data safe. This requires you to follow just a few simple steps. First of all you will have to register with a username which is generally connected wit your phone number. After this you can set your password. You can access it and can store all your important information and you must keep a synchronization of all the data periodically.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note- the Note 3 was launched in Malaysia. Some of the amazing and new features of Note 3 are:

a) New S Pen: It has become very easy to access short cuts in just one click. These include Action memo, which lets you hand write a note. This can be saved in a formatted manner. You can make calls, add phone numbers to your contact list. You can also search web and look for address map. The other option is that of scrapbook, which allows you to organize or get the information from the web. You can save the source as well as the image and the video for future reference. With the help of screen write, you can capture a full screen image and scribble on it. The all new S finder cab detects hand written notes and it is very fast in looking for the contents in the computer. Besides drawing and writing notes the pen window can open small applications to multi task.
b) Bigger Screen: The screen is as big as 5.7 inches. The size has remained unchanged while the screen has increased in size.
c) No plastic: The Note 3 has no plastic casing. It is introduced with a leather effect back made of leather and stitching. This feature makes the phone less slippery and reduces the possibility of falling.
d) Better camera: Note 3 has 12 MP camera compared to Note 3’s 8 MP camera.
e) Better hardware and quality: This new model comes with Snapdragon 800 chipset and has 2.3GHz quad-core processor. It has 3GB RAM.
f) Enhanced security: It has advanced security that makes the use of Samsung KNOX that protects your phone better from the malwares. Personal and company screen have different kinds of apps, so you have an option to choose from.