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Benefits of Bluetooth car kits

Bluetooth car kitsBluetooth kits are special devices which use the Bluetooth technology with the A2DP phone which you have and provide a hands free facility to speak when you are driving your car. Earlier they came with wires but with the advancement in technology they are now accessible wirelessly and they have several advantages when it comes to driving. Given below are some of the benefits:

• Usability- unlike a few years ago when wireless Bluetooth kits were a luxury nowadays it has become a necessity. With the fast traffic and road accidents which have taken a toll in the minds of general people this is just the type of device that would make sure you are safe and keep others safe. Since it is hands free you would not have to pick the phone up physically. The device would do it for you and you can concentrate on driving properly.

• Cost effective- there was time when Bluetooth kits was not affordable by most people as the price was sky high and many did not even know about this concept. But now there are several companies who offer exciting Bluetooth kits at prices which are reasonable enough for you and you can buy and install it in your car easily.

• Legal- in many countries speaking over the phone while driving is strictly forbidden and they have made Bluetooth kits compulsory for those cars. If you do not want to pay a hefty fine then it is better you get a Bluetooth kit installed.

• User experience- there are many features which make Bluetooth kits so popular nowadays. They have amazing sound quality and crystal clear picture. Apart from this the Bluetooth adapters would also help you to play music, watch movies and videos with just one touch.

• Convenient- getting a Bluetooth kit is convenient for most of the drivers because it serves multiple purposes at the same time. Not only can you make and receive calls through this thing but also enjoy music even if you do not have a music system in your car. Most importantly if the phone goes out of charge while driving and you do not have a charger for it the Bluetooth kit would help to charge the phone. It also allows you to text messages from the phone without having to pick up the phone. You just have to speak what you want to type and the text will be typed automatically.

Bluetooth kits are not only for the safety while driving but they have lots of other benefits too.

How To Select Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi RouterWhen the internet was first invented no one thought that there would be a day when it could be connected wireless. But with advancements in this field it is now possible so with the help of wireless routers or Wi-Fi routers. A Wi-Fi router gives you lots of benefits and one of the most important benefits is it allows you to do internet without having to connect it with a cable. There are several types of Wi-Fi router which is available in the market. They are separated according to their standards namely “b”, “g” and “n”. “B” routers are the oldest Wi-Fi routers available and the range is not quite good. “G” routers have a moderate range but if you want to choose the best Wi-Fi router then it has to be an “N” router. It is also possible to upgrade the “B” routers nowadays. While selecting a Wi-Fi router there are several things that you should keep in mind. Following are some of the points given in brief:

• Wi-Fi routers have two types of bands: single band and dual band. Single band routers are known to use 2.4 GHz and they are based on the 802.11b or 802.11g standards. In the dual band routers 5 GHz is used and they are basically based in the 802.11n standard which is the latest and most modified router. Ideally if you want to spend a bit more then you should choose the 802.11n routers or the dual band routers.
• Second thing is the speed of the Wi-Fi router. The speed depends on the standard of the router. A “b” or a “g” router with 802.11b standard gives as much as 11 MBPS and 54 MBPS respectively. However if you want the fastest Wi-Fi connection then it would be better to choose the “n” that has got 802.11n standard. They have the ability to provide up to 300 MBPS of speed depending on the internet service provider and the location of your house from the exchange.
• Last point is the facility for WAN port in the Wi-Fi router. Although almost all the wireless will have a WAN port that would help in getting a reliable internet and also provides a second link for the internet. Those who have small businesses often use Wi-Fi routers with dual WAN ports. The price of these routers is a bit more than the normal routers with just one WAN port.