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Top 5 social media trends in 2014

social media trendsThe social media zone carries great significance in almost every aspect of life, especially in regards to business. It’s must to have your business page up on the popular social media profile today- but that’s not enough-you have to channelize the power of social media strategically to hike up the conversion rates in your business. The 2014 shows some of the most promising social media trends.

1. Social listening

Social listening is getting really important these days. According to market data, around 60 percent marketers took to social listening practice in 2013 & the proportion is getting higher this time. However, just listening to your customers in the social media sites won’t help- you have to come up with a strategic and timely response as well for a more effective affair.

2. Social media advertising

This is another major social media trend today. Advertising on the popular social media sites have proved to be really potent as tons of customers all over spend minimum 37 minutes each day on social media channels- ensuring a grand and effective reach for your ads to the targets. As per the statistical reports, 57 percent marketers are taking to social ads last year & another 23 percent are looking forward to go with the flow this year.

3. Email & social integration

No, emails are not dead, even in the contemporary craze for social media! The smart online marketers understood the timeless essence of email marketing and have devised the strategy of integrating social media marketing with it for a more effective response. You can’t deny the fact that email marketing enables you to stay prominently etched in your customers’ mind – now just request your valued email subscriber base to connect up with your brand over social media channels for further information.

4. Google + is on rise

Yes, the existing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are still going strong but it’s the latest kid on the block Google Plus which is sure to be the most frequented this & the coming years. Thus, one of the biggest social media trends of 2014 is to establish your business profile on Google Plus. According to Google reports, around 300 million plus people visit Google Plus every month.

5. Social media activities getting organized

What started off as casual business, it’s getting more organized these days given the immense potential of social media sites in business activities. Many of the smart entrepreneurs are hiring specialized social media team for the perfect professional approach.