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Top 5 Home Security Gadgets

home securityYour home is like your sanctuary and hence it’s only obvious that you would prefer to ensure optimum possible security for it. Yes, you have got sturdy locks but a mere lock won’t always be able to deter the robbing trials in your house. The recent advancements in the area of home security have come up with a number of cutting edge home security gadgets.

1. Siren Padlock

If you think your ordinary lock is just too ordinary to resist the unwanted break-ins in your home, probably an in-built alarm backed lock might change your opinion. Siren padlock appears no different than any ordinary padlock apparently but it’s the in-built alarm technology powering it that renders a special touch to the gadget. This heavy-duty padlock can produce a momentous sound up till 100 decibels while touched & its extra-hard body is too difficult to cut through. You can install it in your cupboards, sheds or crates.

2. Virtual Fence

This is another top-notch security gadget for your home. It’s almost non-existent physically & comes with sensor cables under the ground that sync up with the CC cameras if a robber breaches perimeter of the house. With some small modifications, virtual fence will even be able to send SMS to the homeowner while he is away. However it’s little pricey but then again is regarded as one among the finest of home security gizmos ever made.

3. Laser Tripwire

You must have heard about tripwires armed with alarms that get off on touch but the laser tripwire is a comparatively recent invention- powered with more advanced high-tech features. The laser tripwire not only gets off baffling the thief but also takes up snaps of intruders thanks to its camera capacity. Moreover, you would also be able to upload the snaps to internet. Thus, even if that thief escapes, you would have his images in your tripwire to help the cops in identifying him. It’s “send to internet” aspect assures that the snaps would stay intact even in case the intruder breaks the shutter.

4. Electronic canine barker

A loyal dog is always one of your most trusted security guards but what if he falls asleep? Well, nothing to worry as you have electronic canine barkers today that are meant to produce exact bark-like sound. The funny gizmo comes with motion sensor which works to detect intruders & immediately starts on barking on detection. The barking intensity will tend to rise in case the intruder doesn’t go out. Given its 3600 radar detector, this alarm will work even through the walls.

5. Mini-spy camera

Last but not the least, mini-spy camera is one of the highly recommended edgy home-security aides today. This wireless little spy-camera hides effectively any of your decorative items in the house & surveys the entire surrounding while you are away. The camera can scrutinize an area up till 300 ft for any sort of suspicious movement. The color camera promises excellent resolution so that you can have vivid details on the captures.