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How To Change Email Password In Your iPhone

Email Password in iphoneiPhone is one of the most innovative product innovated by the Cupertino based tech giant Apple Inc., it has offered users various features which smartphone freaks and especially Apple loyalists would love to have. Apple offered ground breaking technology to its users with features such as touch screen, pinch and expand, swipe to unlock and many other exciting features which were never before seen in any phone before it was unveiled in 2007. Apple is such a company which is known all over the world for its complete controlled experience it offers to its users. The company controls all features of the appliances it offers from the battery of the phone to the font size of the icons in the phone.

Many companies have a security policy in place which offers users to change their network password at a regular interval. If a company uses exchange as your email server then you need to update your iPhone mail settings with this new password as well.
Until you do this, you will not be able to download email from your exchange server to your iPhone.

Email passwords are a matter of great concerns nowadays as email accounts are prone to hacking. Sensitive details of users are being hacked by hackers all over the world through email hacking. Users are recommended to change their email password at regular intervals so as to avoid their accounts from being hacked and prevent loss of sensitive information. Apple although keeps full back up of the details of its users in its database, still users are recommended to be extra careful in keeping their passwords private and change them frequently.

The steps involved in changing your email password in your iPhone are:

• At first you will need to go an tap on the settings icon on your screen. This will pop a new screen which contains various options for you to select like Sounds, Brightness, General, Mail, Contacts Calendars, Phone, etc.

• From the available options you will be required to select the Mail, Contacts, Calendar option to enter into it and here you can edit the password of your email.

• After selecting this option you will get a screen which displays the details of your account that has been added to your Email, exchange. There you can find a Settings option in the left top corner of the screen. Select the option and other window will open.

• The new screen that pops up will have the email address, your name, password option and other details here you will be required to type your new password thus changing it. With this option you will be changing the old password and getting the new one easily.

• After setting the new password press the Done tab available on the right corner of the screen to confirm the changes done.

You can now press the home button or go back to your mail and synchronize with your exchange server.

The above steps are simple and easy to follow for any iPhone user. Users can easily change their email passwords by simply following the above steps and keep their data as safe as possible from hackers and crackers.