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Benefits of Using Cable Broadband

Cable BroadbandBroadband is the high speed internet connection and it is very widely used medium to surf the net. Dial-up has become an old thing and not much in use now days. Broadband technology helps to improve the internet experience. You must be well informed about the options that are available with your service to get the hi-speed facility and access the net at your home. Excellent usage of your Television cable connection has led to the creation of cable broad band. It makes use of the unused bandwidth with your TV cable and hence networking cost is eliminated and this allows the providers to offer internet at a very nominal rate.

Most broadband providers provide you with unlimited access. With the help of the same cable connection with which you watch television, you can also access the net. Cable modems which are of very high speed allow customers to use internet without using phone lines. You can stay connected always and your incoming call is also free during the entire time.

Cable is the mostly used kind of broadband connection. This is so because it is very cheap, reliable and fast. It is less costly to connect a cable to your computer instead of relying on satellite networks or wireless equipment. But the speed of your connection can fall if the cable is not properly bandwidth in your area. This can happen due to the inefficiency of your service provider. Apart form this problem it is quite reliable. Files such as videos and pictures can be very easily downloaded in very less time. They can also be used fro online gamming. It is very food for using cheap phone services with the help of VoIP program. Internet speed can be as fast as 15 Mbps or more as you choose your cable operator.

Cat 5 vs. Cat 6 cable

Cat 5 cable, network cablesIn order to make the right choice, you will need to know about the two different kinds of cables. If you are working with a router and a dated modem, in most probabilities, you are working with a cat 5 cable. This cable supports both 10BaseT and 100Base T. You will get a more efficient performance from the cable if you use a network with low bandwidth. These cables are replaced with the improvised version known as the cat 5e cables. There are very few cat 5 cables in use in today’s time.

The cat 6 cables are the most recent types. Wire insulation is much better with the cat 6 cables and the capability of performance is quite enhanced. Crosstalk interferences can be removed in a much better way with these cables than the earlier types. The frequency of rate of these cables is at a good 250 MHz while the rate of the cat 5 is only about 100 MHz.

SIP Business VoIp Phones

Large IT businesses now are using SIP business VoIP phones. They get their VoIP authorized and even go through TLS security. They ensure that each of their members have SLC encryption.

This system gives you that option of doing Internet telephony at a time with about 6 people. Even conference calls with the same number are a distinct possibility. You can shut off an intruder who may have intruded your space. You can work on Microsoft Address Book and filter out the unwanted. It allows working of Windows 7 and MAC OS system.

Its business ramifications also include recording the conversations. It is a smart PBX solution, lately quite renowned for its effective procedures. Your music system naturally goes on hold once a call comes. It costs dirt cheap to call through VoIP as regards mobile phones. For amicable talk, you will need signing up into its proxy server and then communicate.

VoIP authentication

VoIP authentication is a must in mobile technology since many different vendors may use similar algorithms. It becomes hard to make out which is which in that case. With proper authentication, you can make a note of your own subscribers and filter off the hookers.

In case of proper authentication, you can then easily deny access to trespassers. Also, since VoIP system is also tried by connecting with VPN (slightly expensive), you won;’t want freeloaders to join your party.

Since VoIP prioritizes Internet telephony, where eavesdropping and non-encryption is pretty common, security level will descend. An informal manner is to create passwords or shared secrets before staring on an important conversation. Big companies that deal in VoIP get it genuine authorization.

If the communication is too confidential, users may try transport layer security that asks for TLS/SSL connection before starting the function. Thus, hackers are automatically neutralized. Whatever be the way, authenticate.

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed


There are many things that you can accomplish using fast speed internet. However, there are times when you might suffer delays in your day to day operations due to slow internet connection. There are many things that can make your internet to be slow. You need to find out what exactly is causing your internet to run slow before you can fix it. The most common causes of slow internet is an attack by a virus or spyware. Another cause of slow internet connection is bandwidth theft. If you do not know how to check your internet speed, here are some tips for you.

Some websites offer internet speed checking services. They offer speed tests whose results are instant and accurate. These speed checkers found on the internet can be downloaded quite easily. You should also check with your internet service provider to find out if you are getting the bandwidth that you are paying for.

Connecting your computer to broadband

nullBroadband connection is hugely used today among people who want high quality and high speed Internet connectivity. If you have decided to connect your computer to a broadband connection, then first of all, you will need to sign up for the connection in your area. You can also connect yourself with mobile broadband for getting internet on the move. After that, you have to ensure that your computer is ready for the Internet. For that, you have to check whether your computer has Ethernet ports or not.

Your kit will come in USB port access, which you have to connect at the back of your computer and then run the CD. You may need to log in to the portal site to enter the details of your Internet connection.

All the information that needs to be filled in is available in the manual and if you are still having difficulty in connecting your computer with the broadband connection, then you may call the customer care center and ask for advice.