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Tips on Small Office Phone Solution

When you look for office phone systems, there are a few criteria which you should keep in mind as the phone you use in your office should be a bit different from the phone which you sue at your home.

The phone you purchase should have the following facilities-

·         Call waiting

·         Call on hold

·         Conference calling

·         User ID recognition

·         Message voice mail facilities

·         Recording facilities

·         Multiple call network facilities

Apart from this if, you want to add some other feature then that too should be considered. Some phones are sold officially and exclusively for offices and so, you can start looking for options there. If you want, you can also customize some features at some companies for your phone. Decide whether you need one phone or more for your colleagues and make sure that the phone is from a good brand. Most companies also do the installation prices. Go wireless to avoid a mess.

Hands free Cell Phone Kit

It is very useful to get a hands free cell phone kit because it is convenient to drive a car by using the same type of kit. There are many types of hands free cell phone kit in the market. One of them is the ear bud headsets. The device is sleek and small, looks like thing in star trek, and is called ear bud headset. Another type is boom headsets. While ear buds are effective and comfortable but if somebody does not want to be heard then he or she can opt for boom headsets. A physical microwave is placed close to the mouth in this set for better hearing.

Another type of hands free cell phone kit is known as retractable headsets. In this set the wire is stored in case of small type and become tangled easily thus allowing the privilege for adjustment of the wire during talking.

Micromax Q3

The Micromax Q3 is one of the GSM phones in the market and has some amazing features. It is also affordable and its shape has a neat look. It measures 111.2 x 13 x 61.2 and weighs about 97g. This makes it a very portable cell phone that you can easily carry around.

The Micromax Q3 has a Dual SIM, QWERTY keyboard and even includes preloaded Nimbuzz. It also has a 1.3 MP camera, music player, stereo FM radio and Bluetooth. It has an expandable memory of about 2GB while its internal memory is 10MB.

The phone has a lithium-ion battery that has a 1000 mAh capacity. This provides about 4 hours talk time and 160 hours standby time. For connectivity the Micromax Q3 uses WAP, GPRS and Bluetooth. It has a TFT display with 220 x 176 pixels and more than 250k colors. It can play music in AMR, MIDI, MP3 and WAV formats.

The Three most common Dial-Up Errors


The first error is “680. Here the user will not experience any dial up tone. It may be caused by either forgetting to plug the phone from the computer, faultiness with the phone line, damage to the phone cord, phone cord being inserted in the wrong way among others things. So principally, check the above likelihoods and try to rectify the situation.

Another error is the “691 which entails invalid user name or password. So you should try retyping your user name or password a fresh. Take your time so as to avoid the same mistake again. If you are unable to do that, you should contact your ISP. “678 is another error which is associated with the modem. The reason may be caused by a wrong access number being entered, the access number could also be faulty or disruption in connection. So these are three major dial up errors.

Trouble Shooting Webcam Problems


One of the problems that most people are faced with when they are using webcam is the driver problem. When webcam has driver problem it will make them not working properly and it is one of the biggest problem that webcam users are faced with. This means that you need to learn how to deal with this driver problem so that you can enjoy your webcam. This does not require a computer expert because you can learn how to get rid of the problem by yourself.

One of the things that you have to do when troubleshooting webcam is to unplug the webcam from your PC and see if it is possible for windows to redetect it once you connect it back. If it requires a new driver then you will know that there was a problem in the initial install and this means that you have to re-install the device using the drivers that you have been offered.

Rural Wireless Internet Solutions

nullPoor infrastructure especially poor roads and electricity is one of the reasons that can be attributed to the slow growth of Internet Communication Technology in rural areas. However, the need for people to communicate with the outside world had led to internet service providers finding more convenient ways of providing their services to the rural people.

The Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) are the companies mandated to offer rural wireless internet solutions. The WISPs employ the Wi-Fi technology for this type of venture. For one to get the services, you are required to install an antenna at your home there after you will receive radio signal from the WISPs stations.

The signal however covers a limited area depending on the strength of the signal and the number of clients in the region. Although this appears as the solution to the rural internet access, there are some short comings too.

The minimal number of radio transmission stations may weaken the signal hence one may experience problems with the link.

iPad Keyboard Docks

nullThis is one of the most useful accessories of the iPad phone. The iPad phone has been designed in such a way that you can use the iPad dock to enable you charge your phone. The iPad dock is made with a 30 pin connector that enables the user to connect the phone to an electrical outlet. The dock is connected to electricity using the USB.

Typing has been made easier by the iPad. This will be done easily by the use of the keyboard dock that will enable the user to connect the phone with a normal keyboard and do the typing as usual. This technology will eliminate notebooks from the pockets of people since they will be replaced by the iPad phone. This technology will make it easier for you to write down whatever you want in the comfort of your cars chair as you travel. This will really change the lives of people in the 21st century.

Essential Accessories for Your iPad

nullThe iPad phone is one of the latest models of the modern phones in the market. The phone has been designed to meet most of the needs of modern people in the 21st century. The phones accessories are very attractive and simple. One thing that has really improved in the iPad phone is the number of languages it can support. They include English, French, German Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Dutch among others.

However the phone has been designed with the capability of charging from the USB port. If you forget to carry your charger, you don’t need to worry since the phone can charge using the USB cable. The cable is long enough to enable the user to continue using the phone while charging at the same time. The dual USB cable has made it easier to carry the phone around since you only need to have an adapter with you and charging will not give you problems

i-Pad Will Change Things for the Better

nullThe launch of the iPad phone has promised very many things to the users of world class phones. The phone has been designed with modern technology to meet the various needs of many clients who wish to use a simple but convenient phone.

The iPad is one phone that has brought the internet world close to your hand. You can surf the internet anywhere such as in the office, while traveling or even when listening to music. This phone will change the lives of many people.

One admirable feature of the iPad is that it is designed to do only one task. You cannot multitask. Although other people are viewing this as a negative attribute, it has a lot of benefits. This will make a person do one thing at a time. This way, the phone will change how things are done because the iPad has come to boost concentration.

Connecting your computer to broadband

nullBroadband connection is hugely used today among people who want high quality and high speed Internet connectivity. If you have decided to connect your computer to a broadband connection, then first of all, you will need to sign up for the connection in your area. You can also connect yourself with mobile broadband for getting internet on the move. After that, you have to ensure that your computer is ready for the Internet. For that, you have to check whether your computer has Ethernet ports or not.

Your kit will come in USB port access, which you have to connect at the back of your computer and then run the CD. You may need to log in to the portal site to enter the details of your Internet connection.

All the information that needs to be filled in is available in the manual and if you are still having difficulty in connecting your computer with the broadband connection, then you may call the customer care center and ask for advice.