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Back up your mobile data for a smiling crisis

mobile data backupIt is very common that people depend on their phones for the storage of all the important contacts. But it is advisable that you don not depend on just one device for such important tasks. It can be very unsafe if your phone is lost or pick pocketed. In order to protect yourself from facing such inconveniences you must keep a back up of all the data. Some of the phones today are available along with the software that that allow the back up for these data. The best example being that if you are using a Sony Ericsson phone, then the best PC software that you can use is Float’s Mobile Agent. But the only disadvantage that this method has is that you will have to connect your phone to the PC regularly so that you have the updated account of all your data.

The best and the most easiest method of having a back up for all your data is to copy them into a DVD, USB memory stick or a hard disc. But it night pose another problem if the laptops are stolen away fro the office or house. You can also make the fullest use of online backup services. This will ensure that all your important data are safe even if your phone is lost or stolen. Even after the expiry of your membership date, there are services that keep your data safe. This requires you to follow just a few simple steps. First of all you will have to register with a username which is generally connected wit your phone number. After this you can set your password. You can access it and can store all your important information and you must keep a synchronization of all the data periodically.

DIY hard-drive crash recovery

DIY hard-drive,Data StorageIt may happen at times that you boot the computer and get a message, which says no device for boot found. You may boot your computer once again but you will get that same message again but this time a notice will pop that says that there is no list of hard drive in the post as a device for boot. Do you know where it goes or what actually happens to it?

There is more than one reason for the disappearing act of the hard drive from that list of the POST. It will be refused by the BIOS to get it listed. No two hard drives are same. Hard drives could be of the same design, model or size but the reference of performance is different for different hard drives. The drives are burned in the factory and the tolerances of the drives as other data are saved in an area, which is known as the area of system. This particular place could be addressed in the mode of engineering and the end user will find it transparent.


Worried about the lost digital files: here are the tips to recover it

Thinking that once digital files are lost, they can’t be recovered is unfair. Some of the digital files formats are BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. Accidental deletion of deletion files put you in dilemma about how to recover those. Several software programs which promise to recover lost digital files. Here are some tips.

• Before clicking on an empty button, twice check your recycle bin for your files, which might have moved mistakenly.
• This is common method of performing “search” operation if you have lost the track of your files.
• Opt for image recovery software, it precisely runs search for your particular extension files, rather than displaying unnecessary pictures & would be easy to select lost files.
• Choose those kind of software’s which comes with preview option; this will save you from hard work by displaying your selection of files. Choose an advanced level of software offering a thumbnail view to make your task easier.
• As said that taking precaution is always better than cure, ensure to take a backup of your digital files.
• By separating other documents & digital files it reduces the risk of accidental loss of files.

How does tape rotation scheme work as a matter for disaster recovery?

Lost all your stored data? The simplest method of disaster recovery is by taking a backup of all your data on to a magnetic device. These tapes are non volatile and have a long life.
The easiest ways of tape rotation will be to take backups every day or even take incremental backups that way you can save space as well wear and tear of the tapes.

The three most common ways of tape rotations are:
*Grandfather – Father – Son (GFS):
This is very commonly used as it is very secure. Monthly backups are taken and called “grandfather”, weekly backups are called “father” and daily backups taken are called “son”. Grandfather and Father are stored offsite whereas “son” is stored onsite.
*Six Tape:
A backup for everyday of the week and an incremental backup every Monday is taken and stored offsite.
*Tower of Hanoi
Most complex and secure tape rotation method and results in confusion.
Have a tape rotation system to keep all your data safe.

MDB File Corruption: How to deal with it?

One thing, which all the users should keep in mind, is that you should not use a single MDB file because the MDB files are prone to corruption. If you share the file in different places then the level of corruption sis reduced to a certainty. You should never forget to make a recovery file for the MDB. If you have a backup system ready then through simple recovery techniques you can recover your data else within a second you will lose everything. There is recovery files software which helps in recovering the lost data

You can install this software and use it whenever you need it. There is a tool known as Compact and Repair utility, which is available with the Microsoft access. This particular tool is very efficient when the damage is less. It helps in resolving many errors and helps in fixing the problem accurately. If the hardware system of the MDB file is affected then you might need to get in the premium devices for the recovery.


The iRecord is the product designed by Streaming Networks Inc. It is used to transfer data. It allows the storing of the data in different forms of flash storage gadgets like iPhone, PSP, iPod or USB stick.

The initial production of the iRecord was done in the month of October 2006. The outstanding feature of this device is that it does not use a computer as an intermediary device in the process of transferring and storing of data. The best part in it is that it can catch information from any kind of source, such as a tape recorder or VHS.

This makes the user independent from any kind of software application. For example, a user intending to transfer a video data from a Personal Video Recorder to an iPod would not have to depend on the software Apple Computer’s iTune. iRecord’s main benefit over its market competitors is its audio and video quality. It supports H.264 and MPEG-4 standards.

1TB Hard Drive-A Luxury Or Necessity?

While having a large disk space is essential, most people think that having 1TB hard drive is more of a luxury than a necessity. The question therefore is, are these claims true? By far, the answer is no though there are people who might choose to disagree with this. Among some of the major things which are stored in most home computers include; large music files, videos and movies and these are essentially known to take a lot of space.

1TB translates to storage capacity of one terabyte which is the equivalent of 1,000 gigabytes or alternatively one million megabytes. In essence, this might sound like a large storage capacity but again, considering the nature of the large nature of the files mentioned above, then this is the most ideal storage facility. It will ensure that you will never run out of disk space. What is more, contrary to popular belief, they are fairly affordable.

Carbonite Online Backup Service

nullNowadays, it is almost mandatory to carry out different operations using a computer. This means that there is a great deal of important data that is stored in computer systems. If you are a frequent computer user, you may need some strong backup for your data. Carbonite is one of the reliable backup programs that you can find online and integrate into your computer system.

This backup option allows you to save all your data and files to a remote server. This will ensure that you can still access your data if something should happen to your system. Carbonite is also 100% secure. It has a mechanism that enables you to encrypt all your stored data. The data becomes useless if it falls into the wrong hands. The program is easy to install and use. It operates automatically; you do not have to manually save your work in the program.

Memory Stick Cards

nullA Memory Stick Card is the name given to the storage devices that are designed in a removable flash memory format. There are many benefits that come with this storage device. Memory stick cards are portable. You can store your data from any electronic device that supports this device, and transfer that same information into another device. Memory stick cards can also be used as back up for personal files. This is not only a secure way of storing your data; it is also quite convenient since you can access the file any time you want to.

A memory stick memory is not a device that can easily get destroyed. Due to its hardiness, it can withstand any number of drops. Therefore, you data will be safe in the memory stick card even if you accidentally drop it. The device is also compatible with a number of modern electrical devices.

Facts on Data Mining

nullData mining is simply the process of converting raw data into useful end products. The process will generally involve collecting the data, carefully analyzing it and coming up with a summary that is workable. The information of the data will generally be of great assistance to the user as it can greatly affect the desired output. Data mining can be achieved with the use of sophisticated software which is customized to mine the data. The software will enable the user the option of viewing the data in different perspectives so as to ease the task of categorizing and summarizing it with regard to the various relationships identified.

A technical view of data mining would involve the process of finding similar patterns among a large number of different fields in one large database. The data collected will include any facts, words or numbers which the computer has an ability to process.