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How To Select Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi RouterWhen the internet was first invented no one thought that there would be a day when it could be connected wireless. But with advancements in this field it is now possible so with the help of wireless routers or Wi-Fi routers. A Wi-Fi router gives you lots of benefits and one of the most important benefits is it allows you to do internet without having to connect it with a cable. There are several types of Wi-Fi router which is available in the market. They are separated according to their standards namely “b”, “g” and “n”. “B” routers are the oldest Wi-Fi routers available and the range is not quite good. “G” routers have a moderate range but if you want to choose the best Wi-Fi router then it has to be an “N” router. It is also possible to upgrade the “B” routers nowadays. While selecting a Wi-Fi router there are several things that you should keep in mind. Following are some of the points given in brief:

• Wi-Fi routers have two types of bands: single band and dual band. Single band routers are known to use 2.4 GHz and they are based on the 802.11b or 802.11g standards. In the dual band routers 5 GHz is used and they are basically based in the 802.11n standard which is the latest and most modified router. Ideally if you want to spend a bit more then you should choose the 802.11n routers or the dual band routers.
• Second thing is the speed of the Wi-Fi router. The speed depends on the standard of the router. A “b” or a “g” router with 802.11b standard gives as much as 11 MBPS and 54 MBPS respectively. However if you want the fastest Wi-Fi connection then it would be better to choose the “n” that has got 802.11n standard. They have the ability to provide up to 300 MBPS of speed depending on the internet service provider and the location of your house from the exchange.
• Last point is the facility for WAN port in the Wi-Fi router. Although almost all the wireless will have a WAN port that would help in getting a reliable internet and also provides a second link for the internet. Those who have small businesses often use Wi-Fi routers with dual WAN ports. The price of these routers is a bit more than the normal routers with just one WAN port.

How to download songs from YouTube

You Tube is the leading video sharing website. You can watch videos of all artists on this website. Though it is video sharing website you can download the songs using a music downloading site. The download is very simple and you just need to follow certain guidelines.
• Visit You Tube and find the song which you would want to download.
• When you find the song select the URL and copy it by right clicking on the option “COPY”.
• Choose a third party music website of your choice which will help you to change the video to a song.
• Paste the URL in the website which you have chosen. Right click on the mouse and chose the option “Paste” to paste it.
• Follow this by selecting the audio quality.
• Click on the “GO” button to covert the video.
• When asked for select “DOWNLOAD” or “DOWNLOAD LINK” to save the song in your system.
Follow this procedure to convert a video song from You Tube to song using a third party song download website.

Securing wireless network from hackers

Most people use and prefer wireless networks to work from home. While people try to take proper caution regarding security when using the wireless network, it still remains open to hacking. This is a serious threat because it enables hackers to have access to your personal data transferred over the network. Hence it is important that one secures the wireless networks at home before beginning their work.

Resetting the password of the routers which are generic in nature would be a great help. It is so because the hacker would not know the password to entire your world. Further each wireless network needs a unique name so that it can be distinguished from the other wireless networks. This unique name also called Service Set Identifier is normally set to broadcast the name. Turning off the broadcasting feature is essential. Apart from this it is important to check whether the Web Encryption Protocol is turned on or not. If it is off, it means all the personal data exchanged over the network can be transferred in to plain text.

How to increase download speed of your Pc?

Download taking too long? It might be irritating to have download speed that is sluggish as it takes a lot of time that can otherwise be used productively.There are a few ways by which you can increase your download speed so that things become faster.

*First of all check your ISP and change the subscription if necessary. If you are using a basic connection (Dial up) then you can change it to broadband as it includes DSL and the speed may increase accordingly.
* If you plan on downloading multiple files the time taken may increase so make sure you prioritize and download files that are the most important first
*Clean your windows registry by using windows registry cleaner software. This will close all unnecessary programs and removes corrupt entries as well as taking backups.

This more than most other things will help to improve your download speed. So go ahead and enjoy an internet connection that is faster.

MUZEE Internet Radio

The MUZEE internet radio is by far a free ticket to an endless repertoire of free music entertainment. It hosts more music than any other online music station does. It is a state-of-the-art gadget and makes you want for more. It may look like a mere flash drive but actually has lot more function attached to it. MUZEE is powerful and has an endless radio station supply. It has all the qualities to make you get addicted to it.

It is easy to use and play, just plug it and play. There are no obtuse steps involved, like the quirky downloads or complicated setup options. It is easy to use and all it requires is a PC, USB port and an internet connection, definitely. MUZEE works well with win2000/98/vista/xp. You can search your favourite tunes using the keywords, radio station, country etc. The important feature of this system is it allows you to record the song of your choice to your PC and also save the station so as to relieve you from the stress of searching it the next time when you log in.

VoIP authentication

VoIP authentication is a must in mobile technology since many different vendors may use similar algorithms. It becomes hard to make out which is which in that case. With proper authentication, you can make a note of your own subscribers and filter off the hookers.

In case of proper authentication, you can then easily deny access to trespassers. Also, since VoIP system is also tried by connecting with VPN (slightly expensive), you won;’t want freeloaders to join your party.

Since VoIP prioritizes Internet telephony, where eavesdropping and non-encryption is pretty common, security level will descend. An informal manner is to create passwords or shared secrets before staring on an important conversation. Big companies that deal in VoIP get it genuine authorization.

If the communication is too confidential, users may try transport layer security that asks for TLS/SSL connection before starting the function. Thus, hackers are automatically neutralized. Whatever be the way, authenticate.

Fast Download Tricks

Downloads can be as slow as they probably could and this makes it so annoying especially if one is pressed for time. Fast downloading has some tricks to it. Internet connection does not always have to be a nightmare. There is a way that a person can use to increase download speed and save them the agony of waiting hours on end.

There is a notion that fast downloading may end up corrupting other programs in the computer. This may be true but should not necessarily be the case. The first thing to do is to remove the settings that make the computer work more slowly. This can be done from the registry.

Since the internet is our point of concern, then it is definitely our target. After removing these settings, you can take on the task of cleaning it out. This is done by the use of a registry cleaner. It scans the database and removes any settings that are corrupted since these are the ones that slow down the process of downloading.

How does Internet Data Mining help businesses?


Internet data mining can be done using numerous techniques. Content mining focuses on the video, audio and text. These tools are used to create the structure of a website. So basically, all this is done so that the customers can be attracted to such sites and buy the products which are being advised. If a business employs the ideal options it will definitely incur income once they target their potential customers.

So the data mining options can also be used to predict how the growth in a selective market would go. It gathers the necessary information which could otherwise been hard to do so if this was not in place. Many companies are now doing their businesses through the internet meaning that they could benefit a lot from such a move. It does not matter whether you are operating a small firm or a large one, the benefits are worth it.

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed


There are many things that you can accomplish using fast speed internet. However, there are times when you might suffer delays in your day to day operations due to slow internet connection. There are many things that can make your internet to be slow. You need to find out what exactly is causing your internet to run slow before you can fix it. The most common causes of slow internet is an attack by a virus or spyware. Another cause of slow internet connection is bandwidth theft. If you do not know how to check your internet speed, here are some tips for you.

Some websites offer internet speed checking services. They offer speed tests whose results are instant and accurate. These speed checkers found on the internet can be downloaded quite easily. You should also check with your internet service provider to find out if you are getting the bandwidth that you are paying for.

How to Get Free Games for Your iPod Touch


The iPod Touch is not only a digital music player but is also a portable gaming machine that has risen in its popularity for a couple of years now. One of the most unique features that the iPod Touch has over other portable gaming machines is its multi-touch screen. This feature is what has enable game developers to be more creative in the amount of functionality they offer their games. Instead of relying on some buttons, game developers can come up with virtual buttons in the screen that changes from time to time depending on the game type or even on the stage of a game that a player is playing.

Another feature that the iPod Touch has is the accelerometer, which allows it to sense the direction in which it is being held. This feature also allows the device to detect when it is being moved. For instance, the race car game can let he player to steer the car while tilting the iPod back and forth.