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Top 3 LCD TV’s of 2013

 LCD TV, televisionThere are many LCD TV models available in the market currently. Some of the highly acclaimed models are given below.

1. The Samsung LN46E550F6F comes at a price of $986.23 and delivers the best features along with outstanding picture display quality. It is easy to connect USB devices to listen to songs, easy to connect camcorders and also has easy operations for gaming. The sleek stylish design with lighting response and high contrast ratio make it apt for the best TV viewing on an LCD.

2. The LG 47CS570 priced at $597.00 is pretty cheap compare to the price of other LCD TV’s of its range and caliber. It has a very high refresh rate which is almost double to that of conventional TV’s.

3. The Sony Bravia KDL-46BX450 priced at $i699.99 is an expensive TV but at the size of 46 and 42 inches this TV has great picture quality with three HDMI ports attached with it. It also comes with the top notch features and service associated to brand Sony

LCD vs. Plasma TV understanding the difference

LCD , Plasma TV The technology of plasma television is based in light bulbs that are fluorescent. There are a number of cells that are there in the screen of the plasma television. The glass panels of the cells are divided by a certain narrow gap that is a gas of neon and xenon with an interjection of a form of plasma that is given at the time of the manufacturing of the television.

The technology of plasma television does not need the picture tunes theta are bulky and the scanning of electron beams as they have a technology of burning phosphors that help in creating an image. The technology used by the LCD televisions is quite different. They are made out of panels of LCD that consist of a couple of layers of materials that are transparent and they are also polarized and stuck together. A special kind of polymer is coated to a layer that holds the liquid crystals.

52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theater

One can view a movie on the large screen from any place he desires. It may seem a little bit impossible but in fact, it is quite possible. With a 52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theater, one can enjoy the experience of private viewing of movie wherever he or she wants do that.

Earlier the same device was used in US Military, but nowadays, common people are using it. The necessary equipments that will be needed for viewing the movie are a portable DVD player, a video iPod or personal video game system and they are to be connected with the 52-inch television. One may automatically enlarge and enhance the picture in order to get a feeling like Movie Theater. One can also download sports highlights, DVD and shows and can view anything whatever one likes. Therefore, for enjoying the experience of watching movie from any comfortable place, 52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theater is a great option.

Cleaning Tips For An LCD TV

There was a time when people used to have one television set in the house. Days have changed and these days, no less than 2 or 3 televisions are in a single house. However, the king is always one and the same – LCD TV with great high definition picture quality. How can the king be persevered then? Cleaning the screen of an LCD TV is no difficult job and the same can be done by you with no trouble. Your first task is to unplug the TV and then, start by means of using a clean chamois cloth in order to clean the dirt from the screen.

Bear in mind that you can’t press too hard on the LCD screen and if done ever, it can get damaged. Take care that the cloth used remains only damp after dipping it into a general domestic cleaning solution. If any type of liquid get on the screen and run down, electronics of the LCD TV can get damaged.

52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theater

Imagine the experience that you would have while watching a movie on the big screen from almost any comfortable location. Do you think it is not possible? Well, it is possible with a 52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theatre. The Movie Theatre enables you to create your own personal viewing experience just anywhere. You ca just curl up on your couch and get a thrilling experience without paying for the movie tickets, or you can even carry your Personal Movie Theatre with you just anywhere and arrange your individual home theatre business.

What was started as a product for the use of the US Military has now become common in residential homes as well. You only need to connect the 52-inch television to a video iPod, a video game system or a portable DVD player. It automatically enhances and enlarges the picture to remind you of a movie theatre. You can watch anything you want to.

High Definition Display resolutions

High definition television has almost monopolized the well to do homes with startling technology. Their display resolutions allow 3-dimensional clarity. Of course these houses spend money on accessories too and get blu-ray players along with HDTV, of equal resolutions.

Suppose you are seeing through a 720p25 disc on a 720p25 television, you will get exceptional service. If there is a difference, you may discern some wavy lines. Now, each television (HD) comes with standard frame size, frame rate and scanning. With good enough contrast ratio, aspect ratio of 16:9 and color saturation, you will understand the difference between a normal television and HDTV.

Of course 600*1024 will not match 1080*1920 pixel resolutions. Television size will differ also. A 42 inch HDTV, attached to equivalent systems and broadcasting an HDTV channel will give you theater experience. Some time, the frame rate flies high at 60 which indicates that it is a 3-D movie with great resolution-adaptability needed.

HDTV technology

HDTV or high definition technology is here to stay and with emergence of Blu-Ray DVD, viewers are in for a grand time. In this television technology, you get clearer and smarter pixel configuration that looks good enough from all angles. It is scanned in interlaced format either regressively or progressively. In general, movie frames run at 24 frames per second, here 25 fps is general count.

Thus if you get a configuration suggesting 1080i25, it suggests that the frame size is 1920*1080, it is scanned in inverse fashion and with 25 frames per second. The aspect ratio of this television is also important to gauze the distance from which it should be seen to give best results. Generally, 16:9 aspect ratio is considered ideal.

Those televisions that give frame rate of about 60 Hz will allow you a look into even minute things you will otherwise miss. If cable companies use this technology, they need to encrypt it.

Laptop Screen LCD Repair DIY

You do not need to be a professional to be able to repair your laptop screen as you can do it for your self by following a few simple steps. Before you do this you need to determine whether you need to replace your screen or you just need to do a few simple repairs. First you need to remove the plastic covering that holds the screen to its place with some you might have to remove the entire top casing so that you can get to the screen because laptops are of different makes.

Make sure you do not damage anything in the process. Once you remove the LCD screen you need to handle it with care so that you do not damage it in the process as it is very sensitive. You need to know the cables which you will be working with and route them properly so that when you are returning the screen you will not have tampered with anything. Return it properly and seal it carefully so that it can be safe.

What to look for in an HDTV

nullIf you are in the market to buy your new HDTV, then first of all, you should look at its native resolution. This is the number of vertical pixels X horizontal pixels that the HDTV displays. The higher the resolution, the better it is. Also look at the contrast ratio which is the difference between brightest pixel and darkest pixel. The higher the contrast ratio, the better it is.

While purchasing an HDTV, you should also give due concentration to the TV’s standard definition. This means that even if it is able to display non-high definition media such as VHS, DVD, cable TV or satellite signals, it should do that with high quality. You may have a good collection of DVDs and you may still be watching cable TV. In that case, your new HDTV should be able to display it with high picture quality. With these features, you will be proud of your HDTV even after several years.