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Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S5If it’s android it has to be Samsung, goes the popular perception among the consumers of the world. Let’s look at the upcoming Galaxy S5 on how it fares along the old horse HTC One.

Difference of look

HTC One, one of the aging products, looks entirely different from Samsung S5. HTC One has hard metal body which promises a better hardware. It has got aluminum built with a pair of front speakers. While Samsung S5 is marginally broader than the HTC One and it has nicely curved square corners.


HTC one has full HD 1080 resolution with great LCD 5 inches screen that gives you better results. On the other hand, Samsung S5 has optimal screen with great color reflection and sheen.


HTC one is built with 800- quad core chip, the impending snapdragon 805 chip is also on the cards to be used in other models of HTC one. Samsung S5 has a RAM of 2GB with 2.5 GHZ processor. The new processor of Samsung S5 is slightly better than the S4 and even the HTC One which in its earlier model used snapdragon 600.

Home Button

The main navigation buttons are differently placed in HTC One and S5. Beneath the display, the two soft press navigation keys are set in HTC; there is also a back key that helps you navigate to the home option, while the Samsung S5 has only a single home button. It is placed near the bezel of the display.


If you are looking for a flagship, top notch smart phone, then it is HTC one which is only available on T-mobile, AT &T, Sprint and Version, on the other hand Samsung S5 is available on Metro PCS, Virgin and Boost mobile.

Other features

Samsung S5 has taken a big leap even from the Apple products by introducing several features that are available right on the finger tip of the user. Finger print scanner is one such feature which also helps you access your PayPal account from your Samsung S5 model, near the rear of the Samsung S5 model, you also get the heart rate mentor scanner with 3.0 applications along with S-Health. These features are largely to be untrue for HTC one.

Hope following the above comparison will help you choose your ultimate smart phone along with the features that you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note- the Note 3 was launched in Malaysia. Some of the amazing and new features of Note 3 are:

a) New S Pen: It has become very easy to access short cuts in just one click. These include Action memo, which lets you hand write a note. This can be saved in a formatted manner. You can make calls, add phone numbers to your contact list. You can also search web and look for address map. The other option is that of scrapbook, which allows you to organize or get the information from the web. You can save the source as well as the image and the video for future reference. With the help of screen write, you can capture a full screen image and scribble on it. The all new S finder cab detects hand written notes and it is very fast in looking for the contents in the computer. Besides drawing and writing notes the pen window can open small applications to multi task.
b) Bigger Screen: The screen is as big as 5.7 inches. The size has remained unchanged while the screen has increased in size.
c) No plastic: The Note 3 has no plastic casing. It is introduced with a leather effect back made of leather and stitching. This feature makes the phone less slippery and reduces the possibility of falling.
d) Better camera: Note 3 has 12 MP camera compared to Note 3’s 8 MP camera.
e) Better hardware and quality: This new model comes with Snapdragon 800 chipset and has 2.3GHz quad-core processor. It has 3GB RAM.
f) Enhanced security: It has advanced security that makes the use of Samsung KNOX that protects your phone better from the malwares. Personal and company screen have different kinds of apps, so you have an option to choose from.

Top 3 Android Phones Available In The Market

Android PhonesThere is no doubt about the soaring success of android phones with innumerable Smartphones now using this technology to keep users happy, this post will tell you all that is needed about the top 3 android phones available in the market.

At number 1 position is the new Sony Xperia SP. At a price of around $400 it is now becoming a very attractive buy in the market. Advantages of this phone being not only the price but it’s full package with a lot of other applications –sexy look, excellent battery life, no overheating problem, transparent notification light band, full HD video recording with stabilization and no hang of phone frequently, memory expandable upto 32GB. Being a Sony phone its sound capacity is also above average.

At the second position is the new Samsung galaxy S4. While launching this phone Samsung managed a top 30 million sale in November 2011. Given by the number of people we see using this Smartphone these days those numbers seem to bear truth. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Android 4.2.2, a commanding quad core processor, a fantastic camera and includes working as a TV/DVR remote. It also has a user-replaceable battery. The long list of features available on this phone requires time and effort to master truly but is the top choice for anybody who is looking for a large display screen. Since it is a high end phone the price goes up to $650.

The third position is taken by the HTC ONE. The phone’s performance is very interesting. This phone is brilliant in every aspect. At around $500 the users are happy with the features similar to all other Smartphone. With the 5 MP camera and brilliant music output this phone is a treat to all its users.

How to save battery charge in your iPhone

iPhoneIf you own an iPhone and you are wondering why every 3-4 hours, your battery seems to run low, it could be for many reasons. However, there are ways to reduce this charge reduction by just being careful. If it’s an iPhone, you must have a lot of apps installed. Make sure any app, which you are not using at that given point, is closed. If you are not required GPRS or Bluetooth of wi0fi services at the moment, then you should turn them, off too.

You can keep your phone’s brightness low if you can. You should also try and apply daylight and power saver settings in your phone. When you’re at the office, keeping your phone silent can help. If in general mode, keeping it just on ring and no vibration can also help. Instead of going into airplane mode, you can switch off your phone altogether when you’re in a flight, in case you don’t need the phone.

Best mobile applications for photo editing

photo editing, mobile applicationSmart phones have taken the world by storm. They are being used for all kinds of purposes. They have actually become like a true companion for every smart phone user. The best part of these phones is that you can download applications according to your choice. And when it comes to mobile applications, can photo editing applications be far off? Most of the people use Instagram for editing their pictures. But is that the only application for amazing and artistic editing? You must know of all your alternatives to make the best of your smart phones.

The photo editing applications come with automated settings which make them very easy to use. With these applications you can make your pictures look like that of a professional photographer with simple selections. The commonly used kinds of editing are Warm Vinatge, Black and white, pop, border, vignette, blur, glow, rainbow, soft focus and so much more. you can try the following apps as well:
• Adobe photoshop express
• Aviary photo editor
• After focus
• Pixlr-o-matic

Review of Samsung galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4Thinking of buying a smartphone? Well, if you are, then you can take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, the flagship handset introduced by the mobile giant. It operates on 4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean and its hardware has improved significantly compared to its predecessor. The features that this phone has are amazing as well.

The design language of the S4 is similar to that of the S3 but the former has taken each feature specification to the extreme. The screen is 5 inches and the resolution is 1080p (both better than the S3). The battery capacity is 2600 mAh and the processor is much faster than the S3 at 1.9 GHz quad core or the 1.6GHz octa core. The rear facing camera of the S4 is 13 megapixel. This phone also has a lot more external and internal storage space and RAM. One of the USPs of the phone is the TV control app.

How to use GPS on mobile phones

GPS navigator, GPSThe GPS or the Global Positioning System is the latest gift of technology. This particular feature helps to reach any place any time irrespective of the fact where you are and whether you know the place or not. Almost all mobile phones now days have the GPS application installed in them. Even few cars now days come fitted with the GPS.

The GPS works based on the internet and the satellite. As soon as you open the GPS application, your current location is easily determined. You have to enter the place where you want to go. The GPS will show you all the details regarding the place where you want to go.

The GPS will even show you the minute details regarding the curves, bends and one-way in the route leading you to your destination. Depending on the speed at which you are travelling, the GPS will give you an estimated time required to reach the place. So, in short the GPS is a boon for a large number of tech savvy people.

Review of Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620, latest mobilesAfter waiting for long, Nokia ultimately has launched the Lumia 620 in the Indian market. This particular phone will fulfill the demand of those people who wanted to buy a Windows 8 smart phone at a really affordable price. If you want to use something other than the android OS, then Lumia 620 is the perfect thing for you priced below 15,000.

It comes with a 3.8 inch clear black Display screen having a resolution of 800x480p resolution. The Lumia has a 1-GHz dual core processor and 512 MB RAM. The 1300mAh battery provides you with good battery back-up. It also has features like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0, Micro USB, etc. You get an 8GB in built storage expandable up to 64GB. The 5 Megapixel camera with an LED flash really gives you a wonderful image quality. The VGA front camera is also of quite good quality. You get a host of applications like Nokia Maps, Navigation, access to Nokia Online Music store etc, with the Lumia 620.

Top 3 phone categories for this year

Technology is reaching its height and making a great deal of advancement for its users. It helps a lot to get socialized, entertained, get your official work or representation done within no time. The top three products are android versioned phones (smart phones), tablet or tab-tops and the windows phone which have best features and helpful apps to make your work more signified and magnified in the same time.

These gadgets are used worldwide and not only that the gadgets are pretty useful for the business purpose, students, and even house wives who are often alone when their husbands are at work. These support wifi as well, so you have undisturbed connectivity and your work doesn’t get stopped. You can check your mail, connect to a social networking website, browse the internet and what not. if you haven’t picked up on of these gadgets yet, delay no further and be a part of this tech world.

Sony Ericsson Txt: a must have toy for tweeters

Sony Ericsson TxT, Tweeter Friendly Cell phone Are you a twitter freak? And want to get hooked on it round the clock? Well then nothing can serve you better than getting a Sony Ericsson pro txt. It is a brilliant cutting edge phone with a sliding keyboard. Facebook, twitter, orkut, linkdin and many more applications are the inbuilt features of this phone. If social networking sites keep you busy all the day then this is the device you are looking for.

The 4 row keypad and amazing Wi-Fi connectivity system of this phone has already created much buzz among its fans. The physical features of this phone are pretty attractive as it weighs only hundred grams and it is only 17 mm thick. The size of the touch screen is 4 inches and it is scratch resistant that has a superb resolution of 250×300 megapixels. So just by a few flipping you can smoothly operate this device.