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How to keep your laptop secure and long lasting?

Tips to maintain laptop, laptop careLaptops are very sensitive and should be kept properly to avoid any type of damage to machine. It is advisable to keep the laptop in a proper bag away from any type of moisture. Tremendous exposure of the laptop to the moisture can cause harm to its internal circuits. As a result the laptop will be damaged. At certain times the damage may be much severe causing the complete destruction of the machine. While buying laptop bags, keep it in mind that size of the bag should be perfect enough to fit the laptop. Any bag which is out of size may not serve the purpose of protecting the laptop efficiently. Though nowadays most laptops come with a bag, still if you need to buy bags then keep it in mind always.

Also be very careful while charging the machine since any type of short circuit may cause damage to the machine. While using the machine you should pay attention to the external drives that you connect to the machine so that they don’t have any type of virus that can cause harm to your machine.

Repairing Laptops: DIY Tips

The mostly costly affairs in the electronic world were the repair of the laptop once it went wrong. Now the work seems easier as many users have resorted of repairing it individually with the help of the manual. It does take time but the huge expenditure can be avoided if one gains mastery over this field. You browse through the details available in the internet and repair your laptop. Fr this thing you need not be an efficient technician. You just have to be confident enough to carry out the work.

When you are repairing your laptop, while gaining experience and knowledge you should also know which part to buy and form where to buy it. You should have the idea of buying the quality product. Do not take chance of buying cheap Chinese material for laptop. This is indeed low in price but it also helps the laptop to lose its warranty quickly. You just need the proper knowledge for everything and the work will be done for sure.

K401J – VX146 Notebook

ASUS, mainly know for its set of notebook launches, has come up with a standard gem. K401J-VX146 Notebook serves basic requirements like Intel Dual Core Processor, Multi 4-1 Media card reader and smart optical DVD-RW. Its visual clarity is classic with resolutions of 1366X768. The 14 inch screen is big enough for notebook fashion and may be a bit awkward in cars.

It has an in-built camera of 1.3 mega pixel. It allows offline work in OS Dos and Windows as its online launcher. With sparkling memory of 2GB DDR2 800 MHz SDRAM, things don’t miss their place inside.

HDD capacity is about 320 GB, which falls in middle segments. It offers LAN services for easy network and has 2 USB ports for connectivity. It is sleek enough at 2.36 kilograms and thus shoulders do not have to take additional burden. Its price is somewhat high-profile and ASUS could do well to roll that over.

Dell Inspiron Mini-10

When other biggies were coming up with their notebooks, Dell launched its Inspiron Mini-10 series. It packs a punch in its sleek size. Its video resolutions at 600*1024 with non high definition appendages however act as a drawback. It allows offline work on Windows 7 browser and has HDD capacity of 240 GB.

With Intel Atom N450 processor, inherent speed cannot be questioned. Memory is also smooth at 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz. You may add a working mobile antenna at a spare cost of $125. This whole notebook costs $360. Its keyboard tray is somewhat small and touch pad not too smooth. It gives good life post charging and that is a significant positive of any notebook.

Network is through Ethernet and Bluetooth while for connectivity, 3 USB portals offer their services. It misses an HDMI output and that hurts buyers. This is otherwise a smooth enough venture for travelers and starters.


ACER has launched its AOD-250 after its 150 series was warmly received. It is undoubtedly a better version. Starting with its charging capacity, 3 batteries give 3 hours of life. You can do your work on default in Microsoft Windows XP. It has a fast enough 1.6GHz Intel processor.

The screen gives resolution of 1024*600. It adopts VGA output. Its net speed through Ethernet is fast and its internal storage is 160 GB. You can have amazing movie experience with digital Dolby headphones. It ha Intel Video processor too and 1GB DDR2 RAM.

You get a Google desktop, McAfee antivirus and 3 USB ports for different connectivity. It has a crystal eye webcam that gives it an edge. With multi-in-1 digital media card reader, your notebook is exalted in standards. It also comes with 54G WiFi and 84-key keyboard, that works up well for small travel works. It costs about $250.

How to Charge a Battery For Compaq

Compaq is famous in the computer world in providing comparatively cheap and effective PC Notebooks. One must be very careful in charging the Compaq notebook and then use it wisely to extend the life of the battery. The laptop must be charged in ON position as there is more time and electricity consumed while doing the same in OFF position.

You have to connect to connect the Compaq laptop in cable AC/DC and also a reliable power source. You have to wait until your laptop is completely loaded. Reducing the brightness of the screen will also help to save the charge of your laptop. Disconnecting all the USB devices from the laptops is also a great way in saving the charge of your laptop. You can save the energy of your laptop by saving your wireless internet when you are not surfing the internet. All the notebooks have a reputation of losing its charge over time and Compaq is no different.

Save Time Using Sleep Mode on Your Net book

People often shutdown and restart net books whenever they want to use it thereby causing wastage of time and reducing the efficiency of battery. When net book is not in use, it is necessary that you put it into sleep mode so that time and energy is not wasted. Putting net book in sleep mode means putting the processor of the computer into unconscious state.

In sleep mode, only the RAM is turned on and all the other components are put into rest state. Using sleep mode on net book has several advantages such as low power consumption, saving of time, saving of energy. When you put your system or net book on sleep mode, then everything on the desktop of the computer remains the same. It is possible that you lose entire data from your system when net book shuts down due to failure of power. For this reason, it is necessary that you save everything or have a back up.

Buying Laptops from Distributors

Nowadays laptops has become popular in the world due to its various advantages like portability, convenience etc. earlier, laptops were very costly and hence it was hardly affordable by anyone. Today also before buying a laptop, you must first see that whether it matches your needs and requirements or not. Laptop has gained popularity in the past few years since it can be easily carried at any location.

Laptops are costly than the desktop computers. The maintenance of laptops is less as compared to the desktop computers. People willing to buy laptops can purchase them directly from distributors because they offer laptops as low prices as compared with the market prices. Retail commission can be saved by you if you purchase laptop from a distributor. A distributor is always in need of the clients and hence it offers various facilities and low prices to the customers. When you buy laptop from a distributor online, then you can pay him either by cash at the time of delivery of laptop or via credit card.

Get Cheap Laptops Now

If you are looking for cheap laptops, there are many offers in nearby shops and number of offers on the internet as well. Internet is filled with offers many companies provide promotional offers and give free laptops for first 100 customers or even to those who introduce their product to other people which includes 10-20 people and they sign you up for newsletters and then they give you a laptop.

But this happens in rare cases. But there are many different ways of getting cheap laptop; they are cheap but not absolutely free. It is hardly possible to buy a new laptop for half price. It costs minimum of $3000. There are other plans give free laptops to students, especially to ones who do research. One can also show their below poverty line status or their students card and get laptops from shops for social benefit of peoples living. These shops take used laptops and they upgrade it and sell those for affordable prices.

Laptop and Essential Accessories

On should have essential laptop accessories to make life easy while traveling. In the sense you don’t have to depend on other resources and can stay productive. The most essential accessory is security cable. One should use security cable to protect laptop against theft. Security cables should be used when you leave your laptop in your colleague’s office or in a hotel room. Another accessory is surge protector. It is a good idea even if the weather is perfect.

The quality or the age of the power is not known by us to discover it flaws to power lines are there. External storage is also important choose them such as durable and easy to use. Wireless laptop mouse is very useful while traveling. Even though internal speakers of the laptop are great but external speakers are very useful in presentations. Another accessory is wireless headset microphones. They provide us with the ability to control our output. If you are on a fixed position (desk space), this is your solution. Many of the headsets speakers are combined with the microphones.