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Security cameras- the best security and surveillance gadget

Security camerasCertain pang of anxiety causes the heart to move back and forth towards the house after you leave your house. You tend to look back trying to satisfy yourself that your valuables will be safe. For those who are finicky about their personal belongings and valuables have every reason to rejoice as the security system provided by the home stores are beneficial in a lot of ways. To soothe your nerves the high technology devices bring joy to your faces. All types of surveillance are to be found in the gadget shops which are of latest technology.

Investing in a security system avails of two primary questions which are for whom do you want to install the security system and second will it be a deterrence policy. For those who want to provide security to all the rooms need cameras in all rooms and for those who need a specific area to be covered need the camera only in that area as such. The two variants of camera under broad category are:

• Hidden security camera- hidden security cameras can be wired or wireless. They are usually tiny cameras but cover up almost everything in the room or in the area. These types of cameras are invisible. A small camera can also be put in a pinhole. There are legal restrictions imposed on it and you can face charges. Video recording can also take place which acts as a medium of surveillance.

• Visible security camera- the visible security cameras are also wireless or wired. You can put it on the door knob above the door, inside the room and elsewhere. Others will be able to see the camera and this becomes much of a hassle for the owners of the house since there is no point in putting up visible security camera. The robbers can easily intercept the camera.

Other types of surveillance include an automatic alarm system which can be put up near to the entrance door and whoever tries to break in will face the sound immediately. It also comes with a remote so even if you are away from home the sound will reach you as the light from the remote will also start to flicker. Putting up cameras and other mode of gadgets in the bushes near to the house can also trick the robbers in its own way. Recording also take place. If there are valuables in the house they can be locked up and set with sound system and password. Metal detectors are also handy but you have to know your budget well as if the technologies are of high grade and expensive.

Apart from putting security cameras you need to be aware of your surrounding and if any suspicious thing catches your attention you need to try to detach it from your mind and start working on it. Keeping the doors and windows secured is also good way to ensure safety. Proper screening of the house is also important to keep you safe.

Top 5 Home Security Gadgets

home securityYour home is like your sanctuary and hence it’s only obvious that you would prefer to ensure optimum possible security for it. Yes, you have got sturdy locks but a mere lock won’t always be able to deter the robbing trials in your house. The recent advancements in the area of home security have come up with a number of cutting edge home security gadgets.

1. Siren Padlock

If you think your ordinary lock is just too ordinary to resist the unwanted break-ins in your home, probably an in-built alarm backed lock might change your opinion. Siren padlock appears no different than any ordinary padlock apparently but it’s the in-built alarm technology powering it that renders a special touch to the gadget. This heavy-duty padlock can produce a momentous sound up till 100 decibels while touched & its extra-hard body is too difficult to cut through. You can install it in your cupboards, sheds or crates.

2. Virtual Fence

This is another top-notch security gadget for your home. It’s almost non-existent physically & comes with sensor cables under the ground that sync up with the CC cameras if a robber breaches perimeter of the house. With some small modifications, virtual fence will even be able to send SMS to the homeowner while he is away. However it’s little pricey but then again is regarded as one among the finest of home security gizmos ever made.

3. Laser Tripwire

You must have heard about tripwires armed with alarms that get off on touch but the laser tripwire is a comparatively recent invention- powered with more advanced high-tech features. The laser tripwire not only gets off baffling the thief but also takes up snaps of intruders thanks to its camera capacity. Moreover, you would also be able to upload the snaps to internet. Thus, even if that thief escapes, you would have his images in your tripwire to help the cops in identifying him. It’s “send to internet” aspect assures that the snaps would stay intact even in case the intruder breaks the shutter.

4. Electronic canine barker

A loyal dog is always one of your most trusted security guards but what if he falls asleep? Well, nothing to worry as you have electronic canine barkers today that are meant to produce exact bark-like sound. The funny gizmo comes with motion sensor which works to detect intruders & immediately starts on barking on detection. The barking intensity will tend to rise in case the intruder doesn’t go out. Given its 3600 radar detector, this alarm will work even through the walls.

5. Mini-spy camera

Last but not the least, mini-spy camera is one of the highly recommended edgy home-security aides today. This wireless little spy-camera hides effectively any of your decorative items in the house & surveys the entire surrounding while you are away. The camera can scrutinize an area up till 300 ft for any sort of suspicious movement. The color camera promises excellent resolution so that you can have vivid details on the captures.

Tips to protect your Android phone from hackers

Android phone from hackers, Android phoneHackers have become a strong with the advent of technology. The hackers of the present generation are attacking mobile phones more. So it is necessary to keep your phones safe these days. Android phones are more at risk as android OS comes for free and any one can access its developer’s page. So to keep your phone safe here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Download apps for your phone only from a trusted site. This will ensure that you don’t risk your phone to hackers. Untrusted sites may have the risk of more attackers attacking your cell phone.
  • Password protection is a must for your phone. It makes sure that your phone cannot be accessed by everyone.
  • Sharing the personal information over a Wi-Fi network can be risky. As Wi-Fi is a network that is quite risky.
  • Updating your OS at a regular instance is very important. As Android update is available you need to update your phone.

Try these tips to make sure that your phone is secured from hackers.

Things to look in a security camera

The security of your home or your office area is the most important thing that you need to consider. There are many things that you can do ensure the full proof safety for your home or office. One of the most widely used safety precautions is the installation of the cameras. In case of any burglary or intrusion in to your house, all the footage will be captured in the camera. They can be later retrieved to get hold of the criminals.

But however, there are few things that you must keep in mind while buying the camera for your security. The first thing is the specification of the camera so it can serve your purpose effectively. You should make sure that you buy the camera from a government registered shop only. Check the memory of the camera that is the amount of video footage the camera is able to store. So that you keep proper back up of every video before it gets erased.

Homemade self defense gadget

Self defense gadget, security gadgetsSelf defense is something which should be learnt by every single individual. No matter if you are a 6 year old child or a 60 year old woman, one should always be ready to save themselves should the need arise. Martial art is always not possible to learn but there are some homemade self defense gadgets that one can use effectively to knock the wind out of any attacker. These devices are easy to make and can work very effectively resulting in your safety against unforeseen circumstances and situations.

And one of the best self defense gadgets that one can use is a pepper spray. As the name suggests, a pepper spray sprays pepper right into the attackers’ eye when used effectively by the victim resulting in complete disability and temporary vision loss. They look like bottles of deodorants and hence can be easily put in a purse without much suspicion and are legal in most parts of the world.

Remote Keyless entry system

Remote Keyless entry systemFacing problems with locking your car, building or other vehicle doors in the dark outdoors or a dark lobby? Last day in a hurry have you left one of your car doors open?

So here Science has advanced to a next level advancement with Remote Keyless Entry System, which adds both security and convenience to your vehicle. It first appeared on the French made Renault Fuego in 1982.

To put in a nutshell, the system allows you, locking and unlocking the car doors with a simple push of a button on might be a keychain sized transmitter and it also has the facility of locking all the doors together.

So the Question now bothering you is how this stuff works, right?

It’s a replacement of the traditional mechanical keys. The Keyless remote comprises of a short ranged radio transmitter that works within a range of 15-20 ft, where you need to press a button, which in turn sends coded radio signals to the keypad receiver attached to the door, resulting in locking or unlocking the door. Modern systems implemented encryptions to prevent car thieves from intercepting the signals. Different sounds are being incorporated to make the user verify the lock or unlock. A variety of places are being nowadays monitored through this system, car windows and roof tops, opening the trunk, activate lighting systems to mention a few. Nowadays even car engines can be ignited through the push of a button.

The Importance of Buying a Digital Security Camera

The recent terrorist attacks are on the main fold today. Initially it was a mere irritation to know that the people are recording most of our moves in the public domain. After all, the attacks following 9 /11, all most all the organizations have become aware of the fact that they might be under the conspicuous eye of the terrorist.

Not only this a year back or so even India was hit by a series of terrorist attack. Most of the times we see robbery in the jewelers shop. All these activities can be stopped if the security systems are working properly. A digital camera is of help and it ensures total security provided there are people who are constantly watching the monitor to keep a check of the things getting recorded in the camera.
If there were proper cameras fitted in the twin tower, then such a huge attack would have been saved. With the cameras, the surveillance of the camera along with the recorded data should be taken care of.

Digital Security Camera: Ensure Safety Always

The residential area of yours should be a place where security is entitled. There should be peace and to ensure both of these you need to have digital security cameras. These security cameras not only help to solve the problem of any forfeit from your house but also ensure safety when it is concerned with your children.

The use of camera should not be limited to burglary; there are other purposes which are solved with the help of these cameras. Today the CCTV cameras have become so cheap that it can be installed in your home too. The only thing, which one should keep in mind before doin the installation, is that whether the camera should be visible to the naked eye or should it be kept hidden accordingly the installation will be carried out. You will also get the wireless system to ensure that your babysitter is working properly. To remain safe is the basic criteria of social life. These cameras in one sense provide safety.

How Does Finger Print Scanning Work? By Allen Taigom

Finger print scanning is a way in which a person can be identified using their finger prints. This is because we all have different prints even the most identical of twins do not have matching fingerprints. Thanks to technology this art, has been employed in fighting crime and organizations can get all the information that they require about a person from the very finger prints especially if they need to increase security in their areas.

A scanner is first used to get the print and identifying it. Identification is done by recording of the unique features of the finger print. To ensure accuracy, a scanner will record up to 20 images of the unique features of the finger prints. After this has been done, the scanners database then goes ahead to give other specifications that can lead to identification of the person. This includes giving a person’s pin number, picture, account and eventually the name.

Types of Spying Equipment

nullSpy equipment is used for surveillance or carrying out investigations and in most cases, the subject has no idea that this is taking place. There are various types of spying equipment and they are divided according to their use.

Audio spy equipment is used to record sound and is usually installed in cell phones and land lines.

Hidden cameras are some of the most common spying equipment. These cameras can be installed in discrete areas or disguised as ordinary objects such as pens and glasses.

Digital voice recorders are used to record sound and are usually used in combination with telephone recorders.
Electronic bug detectors are also used for spying. These are used to detect any bugs that have been installed in a location. They can detect bugs in rooms and phones and any video transmitters.

A GPS tracking device is spying equipment that monitors the use of business or private vehicles.