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A Review on Windows 7

Windows 7Windows 7 is very much similar to Vista, in looks, workings and the plumbing done underneath, except for the fact that it is a graphically updated version to DX11 which makes it smooth to work with. It is not as annoying as Vista and is more secure than Windows XP. Internet Explorer 8 prevents the damage by various worms and protects your computer.

Windows 7 also uses lesser resources than Vista. It can work very smoothly with only 1GB memory on a slow working Dual-core Internet Processor. Its interface has some modifications like the Vista sidebar is no longer present, the task bar and the quick launch area is replaced by something that has a combination of both. The task bar uses larger icons which are easy to use and see. There are special features like aero peek, aero snap and aero shake that are very easy and fun to use. My document section and all its components are has been put together under one heading. Applications such as Paint, Word Pad, and Calculator etc have been highly improved as compared to old Microsoft Office applications. Windows 7 is easier to use and very smooth. It can also compete against Mac OS X doc.

Windows 7 will support both 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems. When you buy a new computer you can download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft. Jump lists are also one of the improvements that have been witnessed. You can easily view the recently used files in it. Internet Explorer will show you the pervious visited website. Even if your system crashes Windows 7 can find out what caused this crash so that it is not repeated in future. The mistakes that Microsoft had done with Vista, it has tried to over come in Windows 7.

Tip to quickly find Windows version

The details of every computer, laptop, net book and notebook can be found in their properties. However, people who are not comfortable with the technical details of the computers consider the task of finding the details a difficult task. However, it is to be noted that the user must be aware of some basic details about the computer for example the Windows version that is installed in the computer, and the capacity of the computer. Many prefer shortcuts to find these things rather than searching the properties in the computers.

Such people can try a simple way to find the version of the Windows installed in the computer. All they will have to do is type the word ‘winver’ on the run and press enter. They will get all the details of the computer the next moment. It not only shows the version of the Windows but also provides information about the build of the operating system, service packs undertaken for the computer, year of copyright of the operating system and also about the physical memory capacity of the computer.

Affordable Android phones for your use

Technology in telecommunication has taken a giant leap in the recent years. The concept of phone has changed simultaneously to include a multipurpose device instead of just being a talking or chatting devices. Now people prefer android phones to the simpler versions due to the numerous facilities these devices provide. Furthermore, there is high competition in the market between the numerous companies trying to beat each other with a more advanced product.

Most android phone now comes in an affordable price range. While each may have definite specification which sets it apart from the other, the general features that can be found in most android phones are 600 MHz processor, high onboard storage, card slots, TFT screens, Wi- Fi connectivity, audio jacks, high pixel cameras, social networking integration. While some have touch screen, others have high performance keyboard. The additional facilities that some phones provide are GPS navigation systems, Digital compass, smart dialling and others.

How to increase download speed of your Pc?

Download taking too long? It might be irritating to have download speed that is sluggish as it takes a lot of time that can otherwise be used productively.There are a few ways by which you can increase your download speed so that things become faster.

*First of all check your ISP and change the subscription if necessary. If you are using a basic connection (Dial up) then you can change it to broadband as it includes DSL and the speed may increase accordingly.
* If you plan on downloading multiple files the time taken may increase so make sure you prioritize and download files that are the most important first
*Clean your windows registry by using windows registry cleaner software. This will close all unnecessary programs and removes corrupt entries as well as taking backups.

This more than most other things will help to improve your download speed. So go ahead and enjoy an internet connection that is faster.

USB LP-to-MP3 Converter

As times are changing, technology is making great improvements. The way people had been listening to music has also transformed over the years. Many men and women, who are in their 50s, still prefer to recollect the glory of the good old days of music, which was a time of the 8-tracks and the LP’s.

In addition, they could never let go of those old vinyl records, as they are considered to be classics. They regret the fact that such music is not made anymore. The unfortunate part of the story is that the devices that would enable you to listen to your favorite golden oldies have not been invented.

For the sake of these old songs and their listeners, the LP-to-MP3 Converter has been introduced. This portable gadget allows you to convert the old favorite songs to MP3 format so that they can be played on the iPod or any other MP3 device.

How to Speed Up a Windows PC

Several easy steps are to taken in order to speed up a windows PC. Proper maintenance of PC is essential in speeding up windows PC. The maintenance includes de-fragmentation of hard disk drive at least once in a month. Make sure that you delete all items from the recycle bin and keep it empty. Keep less contents and icons on the desktop.

If your PC is running slow then, it is necessary that you check the task manager for the unnecessary running processes, and then restart your computer immediately to avoid any further damage to PC. Restarting your PC will help you in speeding a windows PC. Delete all the temporary internet files and cookies from your computer regularly since this will increase the speed of your PC. Registry cleaner will greatly increase the speed of your computer since it is very effective tool. It is necessary to fix the registry since it increases the performance of a PC thereby making it faster.

Save Time Using Sleep Mode on Your Net book

People often shutdown and restart net books whenever they want to use it thereby causing wastage of time and reducing the efficiency of battery. When net book is not in use, it is necessary that you put it into sleep mode so that time and energy is not wasted. Putting net book in sleep mode means putting the processor of the computer into unconscious state.

In sleep mode, only the RAM is turned on and all the other components are put into rest state. Using sleep mode on net book has several advantages such as low power consumption, saving of time, saving of energy. When you put your system or net book on sleep mode, then everything on the desktop of the computer remains the same. It is possible that you lose entire data from your system when net book shuts down due to failure of power. For this reason, it is necessary that you save everything or have a back up.

Googles New Operating System-Chrome OS

Google has made advancement in the technology world and as such, outdone a lot of its competitors and the latest development is the new operating system which they have named Google chrome OS. Defined as an open source operating system, some of the aspects that Google promises to deliver include; simplicity, security and high speed levels and is characteristically geared towards netbooks.

Chrome OS can run on an x86 based PCs and any machines that have an ARM processor which is most cases is referred to as smart books. Though this is the case, it is also important to note that it can also run on any computer or Pc as long as it meets the basic requirements. In addition to this, the applications of the program are also going to be compatible with other browsers such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Due to this, Google has just become the latest provider to carefully keep an eye on.

Tools And Techniques For Trojan Virus Removal

Viruses attacking your system can be one of the worst nightmares a person can ever experience. This is because that can slow down your machine and cause you to loose a lot of your work which will be hard to recover. To make sure that this does not happen to you need to get a genuine and strong anti virus and keep updating it so that it can make your system safe.

However if by bad luck it gets infected you need to remove the entire hard disk and connect it to a machine that has no virus. After which you should run a scan on the affected drive. After they are detected you should delete them physically form the files that are known. When you are done double check to make sure it is clean and you can reconnect it to the machine that was using it. You should always boot your machine to make sure that it is in safe mode and disable any viruses from starting when you reboot.

How One Can Troubleshoot Runtime Error 424

Having errors popping on your Windows can be very infuriating. One of the most common errors in Windows vista and Windows OS XP is Runtime Error 424. This error is most likely to occur when you are operating MS Excel’s chart wizard or the Microsoft Web Explorer, version 6.0. In a few instances, this error can occur when operating Microsoft Outlook 2000. Trouble shooting this error is not very hard and you can do it yourself.

You will get a message notifying you of this error immediately it occurs. The best thing to do is to act on it as soon as possible. This will ensure that the problem is contained. Therefore you will not have to worry about any serious problems that might arise as a result of the Runtime Error 424. You can get rid of this error by upgrading your web explorer 6.0. If the error is occurring on your MS Excel, you should avoid using the excel wizard.