Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S5If it’s android it has to be Samsung, goes the popular perception among the consumers of the world. Let’s look at the upcoming Galaxy S5 on how it fares along the old horse HTC One.

Difference of look

HTC One, one of the aging products, looks entirely different from Samsung S5. HTC One has hard metal body which promises a better hardware. It has got aluminum built with a pair of front speakers. While Samsung S5 is marginally broader than the HTC One and it has nicely curved square corners.


HTC one has full HD 1080 resolution with great LCD 5 inches screen that gives you better results. On the other hand, Samsung S5 has optimal screen with great color reflection and sheen.


HTC one is built with 800- quad core chip, the impending snapdragon 805 chip is also on the cards to be used in other models of HTC one. Samsung S5 has a RAM of 2GB with 2.5 GHZ processor. The new processor of Samsung S5 is slightly better than the S4 and even the HTC One which in its earlier model used snapdragon 600.

Home Button

The main navigation buttons are differently placed in HTC One and S5. Beneath the display, the two soft press navigation keys are set in HTC; there is also a back key that helps you navigate to the home option, while the Samsung S5 has only a single home button. It is placed near the bezel of the display.


If you are looking for a flagship, top notch smart phone, then it is HTC one which is only available on T-mobile, AT &T, Sprint and Version, on the other hand Samsung S5 is available on Metro PCS, Virgin and Boost mobile.

Other features

Samsung S5 has taken a big leap even from the Apple products by introducing several features that are available right on the finger tip of the user. Finger print scanner is one such feature which also helps you access your PayPal account from your Samsung S5 model, near the rear of the Samsung S5 model, you also get the heart rate mentor scanner with 3.0 applications along with S-Health. These features are largely to be untrue for HTC one.

Hope following the above comparison will help you choose your ultimate smart phone along with the features that you are looking for.

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