Sony PSP4

Sony PSP4 or PSP 4000 is set to release in 2010. It will be exclusively premiered at Tokyo Game Show sometimes in year-end. With a splash look and change of colors, (Sony has at last turned off from traditional black), it is getting rave reviews. Purists however have doubts that this system may be receding in certain features. That is, it may lose its grace in terms of console.

It will have UMD support and that is a big boost for PSP4 addicts who are irritated by connection capacity of latest PSP Go. PSP stands for PlayStation Portable and this new invention will definitely be smaller and thus more portable. Efforts are on to make it more conducive to HDTV portals to give players of specialized PSP games an experience in clarity.

It seems extremely hard to imagine any betterment on PSP3, but with arrival of Apple iPad, ideas are on the platter.

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